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City Market Warms Up City Hall for Rest of Winter

March 03, 2011

Vendors from the popular City Market Downtown on 104th will be selling their wares in City Hall for 10 consecutive Saturdays beginning March 12.

“Opening up this space to City Market vendors is very much in the spirit of what the City Hall space is intended to be – a gathering place for our community,” said Jill Wright, City Hall Client Services Manager.

The idea of bringing the market to City Hall and Churchill Square was piloted late last year when the Winter Market on the Square was held over four Saturdays in November and December. “It was a big hit with our vendors and the customers,” said Dan Young, spokesperson for the City Market. “City Hall is convenient and accessible. We are thrilled to be coming back.” 

“Similar to other not-for-profit organizations, the City Market is eligible to use the space,” explains Wright. “As well, the arrangement supports local food producers and artisans, and is in line with the City’s commitment to a sustainable food and urban agricultural system in Edmonton as set out in the Municipal Development Plan – The Way We Grow.”

The market will be open from 10am to 3pm from March 12 to May 14, after which it will return to the 104 Street location for the summer. “We are pleased to bring the 104th Street market to City Hall for the spring. This is a great opportunity for citizens to get reacquainted with some of their favourite vendors from the City Market,” said Young.