City Crews Begin Blading Residential Streets

December 21, 2010

City of Edmonton snow removal crews have moved from major roads and bus routes and into residential areas.
Barring further snowfall, blading/plowing in residential areas will continue during the day and early evening throughout the week and over the Christmas weekend.  

In accordance with snow policy, residential roads are managed in the winter to ensure that snow pack is maintained at 5 cm in order to minimize the problem of ruts forming during thaw/freeze cycles. 

Windrows in residential areas will not be removed, but will be kept below 30 cm (12 inches) at driveways.

Snow stacked downtown, in business areas and in the middle of the roads will be removed; snow that has been piled along the curb in other locations will be left in place.

The City of Edmonton asks that vehicles be removed from the roads between 7 am and 10 pm so that plows can do the best job possible. Back lanes are plowed in the same fashion on night shift (10 pm until 7 am).

For further information on winter road maintenance, including the snow policy and tips on winter road safety, please visit

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