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Celebrating the Green efforts of Edmonton Small Business

June 27, 2011

Edmonton small businesses committed to reducing the environmental impact of their day-to-day operations will be recognized for their efforts through the new Edmonton Small Business Eco Challenge.

The challenge encourages small businesses (100 employees or less) within the city to make environmentally responsible choices in their operations. Such choices are good for the environment and have a positive impact on a business’s bottom line.  The challenge is an opportunity for businesses to share their environmental practices and inspire other businesses to improve their environmental record. 

The Small Business Eco Challenge asks businesses to report on actions they take to improve their environmental performance in any or all of six challenge areas:

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Food Resiliency: protection of local food supply or agriculture
  • Solid Waste Reduction
  • Land Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Water Quality Protection and Conservation
  • Air Quality

The Eco Challenge website provides tips for businesses to green up their operations. Small businesses can report their environmental performance to the City via the website’s Small Business Eco Challenge online application form. All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and winners will be announced during Small Business/Waste Reduction Week October 16-22.

The Small Business Eco Challenge began June 20 and runs until September 30, 2011. This time period gives small businesses that haven’t already made green choices time to take action to improve their environmental footprint and qualify for the challenge.

Three prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge including cash prizes of $500 for first place, $300 for second place and $100 for third place. Edmonton small business can enter the challenge in one of three categories, 1-10 employees, 11-50 employees and 51-100 employees.

For more information about the Small Business Eco Challenge visit www.edmonton.ca/EcoChallenge or email sbecochallenge@edmonton.ca