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Arts Visioning Committee Recommendations Released

November 15, 2011

The Mayor’s Arts Visioning Committee has released 12 recommendations on how to raise the profile of arts in Edmonton through partnerships between the arts and business communities, and position arts as a point of pride for our city through to 2040 and beyond.

Co-chaired by Dianne Kipnes and Brian Webb, the volunteer committee was tasked with building on the City’s 10-year plan – The Art of Living – and investigating opportunities to think beyond that plan to raise our profile as an art and culture hub. 

“The committee has done a tremendous job reaching out to the community, narrowing down a wide range of ideas to come up with this list of recommendations,” said Mayor Stephen Mandel. “Their efforts show how we can work together as a community to raise the profile of arts in our city. Arts is an economic sector as well as a part of our everyday experience as Edmontonians. These recommendations provide a good place from which to start a dialogue about how we can move forward." 

The 12 recommendations are the result of eight months of consultations with hundreds of stakeholders in the business, arts, Aboriginal and multicultural communities. They point to the need for arts space, community commitment to sustainable and predictable funding for the arts, civic leadership, and enhanced business and institutional relationships with the arts community.

“Many people who are dynamically engaged in the future of Edmonton helped shape this report. The recommendations reflect their passion for arts, culture and design and an understanding that collaboration is needed to realize our city’s full potential,” said Dianne Kipnes, Co-chair.

“There is so much potential for the arts to energize our economy and foster a more inclusive, cohesive, safe community,” said Brian Webb, Co-chair of the Arts Visioning Committee. “The recommendations of the committee show how we must all participate and contribute to creating a sustainable arts community in Edmonton.”

The Mayor will review the recommendations and submit them to Council for consideration.

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