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Council Roundup - May 8, 2013

May 09, 2013

Council defers arena decision

City Council unanimously agreed to defer discussion on the Capital Profile and Borrowing Bylaw for the downtown arena to give administration time to identify funding solutions for the remaining $55 million needed for the project. Administration is expected to bring the solutions back to Council as quickly as possible.

Light the High Level Bridge project to go ahead

Edmonton’s historic High Level Bridge will soon be illuminated with thousands of lights after Council approved the $3 million budget for the Light the High Level Bridge project. Funding for this project will be provided through donations from the business community and the public. Citizens interested in donating to this campaign can go to www.lightthebridge.ca for more information.

Edmonton welcomes Women’s National Basketball Team

Edmonton is the new home for Canada's National Women’s Basketball team following Council's decision to provide $500,000 in each of the next four years. The move is a result of a solid partnership between Edmonton Events (City of Edmonton and Edmonton Economic Development), Basketball Alberta and the University of Alberta and will enhance efforts to build Edmonton’s image globally.

Walterdale Bridge replacement costs increase

The cost of replacing the Walterdale Bridge will increase to $155 million after Council approved an additional $19.5 million for the project. The budget increase was necessary because the lowest tender for this project came in 14% over the estimated cost of the project. The difference between the tender and the estimated cost can be attributed to the considerable risk associated with constructing a unique and complex signature structure.

Northwest LRT Concept Plan amendment approved

Council approved the Northwest LRT Concept Plan with two amendments: 1) That prior to the preliminary engineering stage, Administration further review the concept plan to address issues regarding the impact and benefits of the proposed change from an urban to suburban style LRT system at 153 Avenue; 2) That Administration consult with Canada Lands and provide a report to Transportation Committee to determine how the proposed 137 Avenue transit centre can be reduced in size and ensure that both the transit station and the proposed transit centre are integrated to allow for Transit Oriented Development at the Griesbach site. The Northwest LRT line will run from NAIT to St. Albert.

Additional roadway rehabilitation funding approved

An additional $9 million will be allocated in 2014 to arterial road rehabilitation. Council had earlier approved an additional $9 million be allocated to this year's roadway maintenance budget. Council also directed the Administration to prepare a report with recommendations for a longer term strategy for the rehabilitation of arterial roads based upon the Neighbourhood Renewal model.

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