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Council Roundup – April 24, 2013

April 25, 2013

Council receives update on downtown Community Revitalization Levy

Council received an update on the proposed Capital City Downtown Community Revitalization Levy (CRL). There are 12 projects under consideration, totaling $409 million. Of that, $139 million is for the downtown arena and related infrastructure, with the other $270 million for other downtown improvements, including parks, servicing the drainage system and upgrading Jasper Avenue. On May 8, 2013, Council will vote on the final list of projects for the CRL.

New bylaw to reduce environmental footprint

Council passed a bylaw that helps reduce the city’s environmental footprint while making it easier for businesses to find important regulatory drainage information. The bylaw reduces limits on the release by business of certain contaminants such as oils, grease and chlorine, to align with national environmental regulations. It will also see development of a code of practice to assist the business community in compliance. The bylaw, which comes into effect June 1, 2013, represents an amalgamation of three earlier bylaws addressing sewer use and surface drainage, making it possible for businesses and citizens to find the associated regulatory information in one place.

Council approves Groat Road Bridge Replacement Project funding increase

Council approved a recommendation to increase the budget for the 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge Replacement Project by $11.5 million, to a total of $32,150,000. The budget increase was needed to enhance the drainage infrastructure ($3.5 million); stabilize the slopes on both sides of the ravine ($4 million); provide transit service and a pedestrian shuttle for the duration of construction ($2 million) and a $2 million allowance is being maintained to cover the cost of inflation. The new 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge will be built in 2014-15.

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