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Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has adopted the National Fire Protection Association Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments (NFPA 1582 document) as a medical guideline in the evaluation of a candidate with certain medical conditions.

A candidate with a Category A and/or Category B medical condition, as outlined in the NFPA 1582 document, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The examining physician will determine the candidate’s medical eligibility based on a review of all relevant medical information.

Vision and Hearing Requirement

A candidate must meet the following vision and hearing standards.

  • Hearing thresholds of no greater than 30 dB at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz, without hearing aids
  • Far visual acuity 20/30 or better in each eye without visual aids and peripheral vision of a minimum 150 degrees with both eyes open and examined together
  • Colour vision at minimum pass the Farnsworth D-15 test

Note: For any applicant who has undergone laser eye surgery, the vision test must be completed at least 6 months after the surgery date.

Medical Examination

The purpose of the examination is to ensure candidates do not suffer from a health condition that may affect their ability to perform firefighter duties in a safe manner.

A medical history and physical examination will be conducted by a physician. Registered nurses will complete hearing, vision and lung function testing. Medical tests are conducted by medical laboratories in Edmonton.

Required tests are:

  • Audiometric (hearing) test
  • Spirometry (lung function) test
  • Vision Test
  • Chest X-Ray (PA & Lateral)
  • ECG
  • CBC & differential
  • Electrolytes
  • BUN, Creatinine
  • Liver Function tests (ALT, AST, Alkaline phosphatase, direct and indirect bilirubin)
  • Urinalysis
  • Fasting Lipid Profile
  • Fasting Glucose
Required Documents

Bring the following documentation to your medical assessment appointment:

  • Results of testicular exam (males only). Results must be within 3 months of the pre-placement medical assessment date
  • Updated immunization records that include hepatitis B, tetanus/diphtheria, MMR, polio, and varicella
    • Your immunization records may be obtained by contacting the following sources:
    • Health Link at 780-408-5465 or 811
    • Your family physician if you received your vaccination there
    • Travel clinic if you received your vaccination there
    • Previous or current employer if you received your vaccination there
    • Pharmacy if you received your vaccination there

The above list is not exhaustive and you are encouraged to contact other sources to obtain your immunization records.

If you are from out of the province or out of the country, please contact the appropriate authorities in your home province/country for your immunization records.

Failure to provide your immunization records will delay completion of your medical assessment.

If you have a chronic health condition, download the appropriate medical form for completion:

Essential Job Task and Annex E.

Note: Any applicant with a chronic health condition other than those listed above, a respiratory condition and/or taking any prescribed medications must complete the “Other Chronic Health Condition Medical Form”. Examples of chronic health conditions are hypertension and any type of heart conditions. There are other examples of chronic health conditions and the applicant should review the NFPA 1582 document for further details.

References for Physicians
  1. Essential Job Tasks - NFPA 1582
  2. Medical Evaluations of Candidates – Chapter 6 of NFPA 1582 2013 Edition*
    (medical conditions that require the applicant to provide additional medical documentation)

* Reproduced with permission from NFPA 1582 Edition 2013, Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments, Copyright © 2013, National Fire Protection Association. This reprinted material is not the complete and official position of the NFPA on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the standard in its entirety.

Note: The firefighter recruitment process is subject to change.

For More Information

Human Resources - Fire Rescue Services


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