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SafeCityYEG is a web-based mapping tool that allows Edmontonians to report where they feel unsafe or safe in their communities and why.

Tell us where you feel unsafe or safe in Edmonton

Cities are for everyone and should be safe and welcoming for all. However, for many women and girls, this isn’t always the reality. Women and girls face daily challenges when it comes to safety and often make specific choices to avoid the public spaces they feel unsafe in. 

We want to know about the spaces where you feel safe or unsafe, where you might look around twice before passing through, where you’ve experienced  street harassment or any form of sexual violence. 

By placing pins on a map and identifying a safety concern or places where you feel comfortable, you are helping to influence change.

The primary goal of this project is to have as many women and girls participate as possible for up to 1 year. Depending on the results and feedback, this project may continue after the 1-year mark.

SafeCityYEG will be tracked based on the participation levels and feedback from users. The data collected will help the City, community partners and experts to ignite action. This may include changing practices, policies, programs and initiatives within the City of Edmonton and other community organizations. 

To learn more about what the City and partners are doing to increase safety and decrease sexual violence for women and girls in public spaces in Edmonton, visit