The River Valley Planning Modernization Project is renewing our strategic planning, processes, and regulatory tools for the River Valley and Ravine System.

Engagement Closed

Phase 4 public engagement has now closed. Thank you to all who participated. A What We Heard report summarizing how we engaged, what questions we asked, and the feedback we heard will be made available in fall 2024. Learn about past engagement opportunities.

Read the Draft Plans

Draft Ribbon of Green Strategic Plan (79.93 MB)
Looking for a shorter overview of the plan? Check out the Ribbon of Green Plan Guide

Draft River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (21.5 MB)* and Draft Land Use Concept Map

River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan Backgrounder

*The draft River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan and draft land use concept map are provided for the purposes of collecting initial comment and feedback. They are subject to change following further internal and external review. The draft plan and draft land use concept map have not been reviewed and approved by City Council.

Thanks for Your Feedback

In Phase 3, we shared revised Land Management Classifications and draft planning guidance for the different parts of the river valley and ravines and invited input on decision-making. For more information on what we asked, how we engaged and what we learned, see the Phase 3 What We Heard Report. Thank you again to everyone who participated!

Edmonton’s City Plan, approved by City Council in 2020, describes the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System as “the most important feature of our city.” It is a vital ecological corridor, a valued recreation destination, a place of incredible cultural significance and a draw for visitors throughout the region.

The question at the heart of the project is this: How will we ensure that the River Valley, the backbone of our open space network, remains vibrant and ecologically resilient as the city grows?