GeoEdmonton is a clearinghouse of City of Edmonton spatial data. We coordinate and serve a partnership of companies and organizations that share data with one another to reduce the costs of automated mapping. By facilitating the use of spatial data, we provide support for local businesses and activities.

GIS Technology

Spatial data is created and managed using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. As GIS technology becomes more sophisticated and easy to use, many people are finding that computer-based maps are a great convenience and a powerful business tool. GIS can be used for:

  • Inventory/fleet management:
    Many inventory items that are location based, from street lights to moving vehicles, can be plotted using spatial data. GIS software enables you to create information related to each inventory item.
  • Analysis:
    You can also plot the location of many events, such as motor vehicle accidents, crimes, births, purchases, and more, on a map with spatial data. GIS technology allows analysts working in many different fields to track trends based on these events and plan effectively for the future.
  • Service:
    Companies are finding new opportunities in the escalating demand for same-day, to-the-door service. To manage the efficient delivery of products and services, whether its grocery delivery or roadside assistance, businesses need the exceptional mapping accuracy provided by GIS technology.

At the City of Edmonton, we have integrated spatial data with our permits, licences, assessment, drainage, emergency dispatch, emergency operations planning, and asset inventory.   We have spatial data available to our staff both in the office and in the field.   Handheld devices with access to spatial data is used for building inspections, assessments, street light inventory and sidewalk condition assessment.

We have online maps for the public to find driving routes and directions within the city, maps, address lookup, residential tax assessment information, development applications, zoning, waste collection schedule as well other spatial data.

Purchase Digital Maps and Data

You can subscribe to certain types of spatial data from us, we also offer cost-effective licence agreements as well as subscription services if you need regularly updated data. For further details, please see our Buy Maps & Data page.