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Created with the City's vision of 2040 in mind, the following six 10-year strategic goals direct long-term planning for the City of Edmonton and guide City employees in their jobs each and every day.

The goals describe areas where City Council believes significant change is required to achieve the City vision.

These goals are documented in The Way Ahead relate to 


    • urban form, 
    • transportation, 
    • livability, 
    • environment,
    • financial sustainability and 
    • economy.




Diversify Edmonton’s Economy

Edmonton is recognized as an economic powerhouse, maximizing the diversity of its economic advantages, including its location as Port Alberta and as a portal to the north; as the urban centre of regional industrial development; as a knowledge and innovation centre for value-added and green technologies and products, and as a place that attracts and supports entrepreneurs.

To diversify Edmonton’s economy, the City recognizes its economic advantages are its existing strengths. Leverage points include Edmonton’s physical locale, centres of excellence and industrial/entrepreneurial comparative advantage with local, northern and Asian opportunities. Specific target areas are logistics, eco-industry and environmental technology. In establishing this goal, the City recognizes the separate roles of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and the Municipal Corporation and envisions the City’s role to be that of an enabler.

Enhance Use of Public Transit & Active Modes of Transportation

Enhancing public transit and other alternatives to single-occupant vehicles will provide Edmonton with a well-maintained and integrated transportation network. Increased use of these options will maximize overall transportation system efficiency and support the City’s urban planning, livability, financial, economic and environmental sustainability goals.

Through this goal, the City recognizes that a transportation system that is designed to support a range of travel options will increase the number of people and the amount of goods that can move efficiently around the city, while supporting the City’s goals for livability, urban form, financial, economic and environmental sustainability. Creating this 21st century sustainable and globally-competitive city means offering choice. It will allow Edmontonians of all ages and abilities to safely walk, bike, ride transit, ride-share or drive to the places they need to go. The trade-offs needed to achieve this vision will create an integrated transportation system with greater travel choices for Edmontonians.

Ensure Edmonton’s Financial Sustainability

Edmonton is financially sustainable, with the revenue resources required to support its plans and provide the infrastructure performance and services citizens need.

In ensuring Edmonton’s financial sustainability, the City recognizes the tie between demands on the City and the limited means to address these demands. The City will work to diversify revenue sources while maintaining the obligations the City has to its citizens. This goal relies on the revenue benefits that could be realized from the other goals, such as Economic Diversity and Urban Form transformation.

Improve Edmonton’s Livability

Edmonton is one of Canada’s most livable cities because it is welcoming to all; is safe and clean; fosters its heritage and supports its arts and multicultural communities; encourages active lifestyles through recreational opportunities and engages its citizens in the City’s vision and directions.

To improve Edmonton’s livability, the City intends to focus on the people concerns associated with improved livability by concentrating efforts on prevention and getting to the root causes or barriers that are in the way of achieving a more livable city. This goal is focused specifically on the strategic areas of welcoming, safety perception, cleanliness and aspects important to the notion of urban village creation.

Preserve & Sustain Edmonton’s Environment

In partnership with its citizens, businesses and institutions, Edmonton is the nation’s leader in setting and achieving the highest standards of environmental preservation and sustainability both in its own practices, and by encouraging and enabling the practices of its partners.

With the goal to preserve and sustain Edmonton’s environment, the City intends to leverage existing strengths and new innovations to improve the environment in a sustainable way and minimize the ecological footprint of the City. Striving to preserve natural resources as City building partners and the municipal corporation deliver services to citizens, emphasis will be placed on both preservation and sustainability.

Transform Edmonton’s Urban Form

Edmonton has increased its density and optimized existing infrastructure while maintaining and revitalizing strong, vibrant neighbourhoods; ensuring high standards of urban design; adopting best land use practices and preserving natural areas and public spaces.

In setting the goal to transform Edmonton’s urban form, the City recognizes the realities of the changing economics of urban service delivery. A more balanced use of dwelling densities, mixed-use, and place making which recognizes the strategic importance of building neighbourhoods differently is envisioned. This goal implies Edmonton’s role should be shifting to more of an urban centre within a thriving region and a prioritization of the placement of natural and public spaces.

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