Complete Streets for Edmonton

Complete Streets are streets for everyone: people who walk, wheel, bike, take transit, or drive. They are designed to be safe, attractive, comfortable, and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. The Complete Streets approach moves away from traditional design by designing streets that reflect the surrounding area’s context, land use and users. 

The 2021 Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards govern roadway design in Edmonton and replace the former roadway design standards and the 2018 Complete Streets Guidelines. The Public Primer provides an overview of the standards for anyone interested in learning more about Complete Streets. The Overview of Major Changes provides planners and engineers with details on the updates.

Principles of Complete Streets

The following principles for the basis of the Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards:

  • Complete streets form a network of streets, transit routes, and off-street pathways that together accommodate all users and allow for efficient and high quality travel experiences
  • The transportation network provides travel options for users of all ages and abilities that are safe, universally designed, context sensitive, and operable in all seasons (including winter)
  • Streets are adaptable by accommodating the needs of the present and future
  • Streets contribute to the environmental sustainability and resiliency of the city
  • Planning and design considers both direct and indirect costs, as well as the value of the public right of way and the adjacent real estate
  • Streets are vibrant and attractive people places in all seasons to contribute to an improved quality of life

Next Steps

Previous implementation projects for Complete Streets include pilot projects in road renewal, in new residential areas, and on Main Streets. The City is currently working on roll out for the Complete Streets Design and Construction Standards and implementation initiatives will focus on reducing or removing barriers wherever possible.