Councillor Dziadyk

Profile for City of Edmonton Ward 3 Councillor.


Jon Dziadyk (za-dyk) is committed to standing up for north side communities, respecting the taxpayer, and encouraging civic engagement. He holds a Masters degree in urban planning, and is a new father.

As a Councillor, he is the Vice Chair of both the Community and Public Services Committee and the Edmonton Salutes Committee. He is on four Council Initiatives: Literacy, Community Hubs, Edmonton in Bloom, and Northern Relations. For the COVID-19 recovery he was appointed to the special initiatives of Healthy City and Urban Place.

Jon has been a tireless promoter of the North Side. He successfully advocated for the honorary name of Canadian Forces Trail to be applied to 97 Street, north of 137 Avenue. Annually, he hosts the Top of the City Soccer Festival in Castle Downs.

Jon is also a member of the military reserve and still serves with the rank of Lieutenant (Navy). He is patriotic and enjoys serving Canada as well as Edmonton. He happily lives in Ward 3.