Profile for City of Edmonton Ward 12 Councillor.

Moe has lived in the ward for over 35 years. He and his wife raised their family in the ward. As a police officer he has worked throughout the city.

Moe is heavily involved with amateur sport and other related activities. He has coached youth soccer and played men’s soccer for over 30 years. He seeks to promote health and wellness through sport. He has recently come to terms with the fact that he can’t move like he once did on a soccer field. More importantly, he has found another passion and calling in life – to give back to the community that has helped him to reach his potential by leveraging his leadership qualities and ‘can do’ approach.

Even though he didn’t realize it early in his life journey, Moe was a leader and a community builder. His passion for coaching was very evident even when he was an athlete himself. More recently, he elevated his game to use the sports analogy. For example, as the President of a not-for-profit organization, Moe championed the construction of a multi-million dollar sports facility in the Ivor Dent Multi-Sport Tournament and Recreation Park. The facility is located in the southeast area of the ward. This venue will host major amateur sporting tournaments and competitions for years to come.

This project required patience, organization, commitment and a sound vision to get started. After several years of planning, it came to fruition. Moe was integral in gaining the support of community members and elected officials from all levels of the government. This facility showcases Moe’s continued commitment to the health and wellness of his community. Moe is a firm believer that sport plays a major role in substance abuse prevention in our youth.

Moe graduated from the Punjabi University, in the city of Patiala, where he obtained a MSc degree in Applied Physics. In 1978 he immigrated to Canada and, like many newcomers, he faced and overcame many obstacles to establish himself and be the primary provider for his extended family. Through persistent effort and hard work in the face of adversity, whether it was the lack of recognition of his education and credentials obtained abroad or few employment opportunities in his field of training, Moe progressed from working as a general labourer to a journeyman welder and then as an engineer. During this journey he used education as the foundation for personal and professional growth. For example, he enrolled at NAIT Polytechnic, where he took night classes after work and obtained a diploma in an oil and gas related field. To further his education Moe later enrolled in the sciences program at the University of Alberta where he successfully completed his Bachelors of Science Degree program in Engineering Physics.

Shortly thereafter Moe began working in an engineering firm.  He worked the office life for a brief stint. Only from his cubicle did he realize he needed to be near the action. He wanted to give back to his community and be in a position to help others. He enrolled in the police academy in 1992.

Mohinder (Moe) Banga has served his fellow constituents for over twenty four years. His tenure with the Police began in 1992 as a police constable. His hard work, and dedication has been recognized by his peers and Moe, his nickname by all, has climbed the ranks and held positions as Sergeant and most recently, Detective.

Moe has been a passionate advocate for his peers. He was elected as a director with his Police Association and had held the position for 6 consecutive terms. His co-workers elected him to be their voice. He was tasked with the responsibility of creating awareness of issues faced while on the job. In those twelve years, Moe gained invaluable experience obtaining consensus with the City of Edmonton and other stakeholders.

Moe is a strong supporter of the Drug Assistance Resistance Education Program or DARE program. He has been teaching the program for over 15 years. During his tenure, Moe made numerous classroom presentations in elementary and junior high schools throughout Edmonton, resulting in positive impact on students and increased awareness about the risks and harm drugs pose to their development.