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C110 - City/Community Leagues Relations Policy

C167B - Recreation User Fee

C187A - Enhancing Community Facility Services Through Partnerships Policy


C200B - Financing of Local Improvements Policy

C203C - Debt Management Fiscal Policy

C209C- Parking Meter Permit

C211H - Community Investment Grants to Organizations and Individuals

C212E - Investment Policy

C214 - Reporting of Assessment Adjustments Processed Between Property Tax Bylaw and Billing Periods Policy

C216C - Storefront Improvement Program Policy

 C217D - Reserve and Equity Accounts Policy


C307 - Parkland and North Saskatchewan River Valley Utility Installation Policy


C409J - Snow and Ice Control Policy

C417A - Family and Community Support Services Program Policy

C419A - Civic Protocol Policy

C420 - Corporate Communications Policy

C437 - The Lease or Sale of City-Owned Land for Social Housing Development Policy

C448 - The City of Edmonton Archives Policy


C450B - Encourage the Designation and Rehabilitation of Municipal Historic Resources in Edmonton Policy

C451H - Edmonton Transit System Fare Policy

C453 - Street Cleaning – C. B. D. and Selected Strip Commercial Areas Policy

C454 - Creation and Transfer of School Sites to School Boards Policy

C456C - Corporate Tree Management Policy

C458C - Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas Policy

C459 - Statuary Policy

C462B - Business Improvement Area Establishment and Operation Policy

C464 - Clean-Up of Dangerous Goods Policy

C468A - Policy to Govern the Use of Funds from the Sale of Surplus School Sites

C469A - Ward Boundary Design Policy

C471C - Policy for Siting Telecommunications Facilities

C477A - Facility Name Sale Policy

C479 - Fiscal Policy for the Enterprise Portfolio – Community Services Policy

C482 - Legal Representation and Indemnification of City Employees, Agents and Members of Council Policy


C501A - Integrated Pest Management Policy

C502A - Community League Grants Policy

C504 - Volunteerism Policy

C505 - Edmonton's Environmental Management System Policy

C506A - Urban Traffic Noise Policy

C507 - Arterial Roads for Development Policy

C509B - Naming Development Areas, Parks, Municipal Facilities, Roads and Honorary Roads

C511 - Land Development Policy

C512 - Environmental Policy

C514 - Guidelines for the Implementation of Safety Measures Around Schools Policy

C515 - Oil and Gas Facilities Policy

C516B - Land Enterprise Dividend Policy

C518C - Council Initiatives

C520C - Municipal Census Policy

C523A - Fire Rescue Service Delivery Policy

C524 - Benefit Plan Continuation After Term (Members Of Council) Policy

C527 - Waste Management Policy

C529 - Immigration and Settlement Policy

C530 - Council Orientation and Training Policy

C531 - Natural Area Systems Policy

C532 - Sustainable Building Policy – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Policy and Related Memos of Clarifications and Interpretations

C533A - Revolving Industrial Servicing Fund

C534 - Outdoor Aquatics Policy

C535 - Process for Developed Properties that are Currently Unserviced to Connect to City Services Policy

C537 - Community Capital Funding Requests – Building Canada Fund Policy

C538 - Diversity and Inclusion Policy

C539A - Transit Service Standards Policy

C541 - Disaster Relief Monetary Donations Policy

C542 - Development Setbacks From River Valley/Ravine Crests Policy

C544 - Active Transportation Policy

C547 - Public Art Administration, Registration and Outreach Policy

C548 - Public Art Accession, Selection Criteria and Gift Policy

C549 - Public Art Conservation, De-accession and Re-site Policy


C550 - Roadway Cleaning Policy

C551 - Residential Infill in Mature Neighbourhoods Policy

C553C - Development Incentive Program Policy

C554A - Park and Ride Policy

C555 - Private Public Partnerships (P3) Policy

C556A - Sustainable Procurement Policy

C558A - Waste Management Utility Fiscal Policy

C559 - Liquor Advertising on Edmonton Transit System Equipment and Property Policy

C561 - City Hall Public Space Use Policy

C562 - Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program Policy

C564 - Residential Neighbourhood Street Lighting Renewal Policy

C565 - Transit Oriented Development Policy

C566 - Speed Reduction Policy

C567 - Green Building Policy

C569 - Optimization of the Transportation System Network Policy

C571 - Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Support

C572 - Designing New Neighbourhoods

C573A - Complete Streets

C575C - Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions

C576 - Light Efficient Community Policy

C577 - Goods Movement

C578 - Multi-year Budgeting Policy

C579B - Traffic Safety and Automated Enforcement Reserve

C580A - Construction Hoarding

C581 - Open City Policy

C582 - Developer Sponsored Affordable Housing

C583 - Guidelines for Development of the 2009 Surplus School Sites

C584 - Employee Child Care Policy

C585 - Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy

C586 - River Access Guiding Principles

C587 - Enterprise Risk Management

C588 - Winter Design Policy

C590 - Community Traffic Management

C591 - Capital Project Governance

C592 - Industrial Infrastructure Cost Sharing Program

C593 - Public Engagement Policy

C594 - Open Space Policy

C595A - Neighbourhood Renewal Program 

C596 - Records and Information Management for Elected Officials

C597 - Blatchford District Energy Utility Fiscal Policy (Blatchford Renewable Energy Policy)

C598 - Infrastructure Asset Management 

C599A - Community Amenity Contributions in Direct Control Provisions


C600 - Enterprise Performance Management Policy

C601 - Affordable Housing Investment Guidelines

C602- Accessibility for People with Disabilities

C603 - Events Policy

C604 - Edmonton Police Service Funding Formula

C605 - Edmonton Police Service Reserve

C606 - Access to Municipal Services Without Fear

C607 - Retroactive Municipal Tax Relief

C608 - Human Resources Management for Council Staff

C610 - Fiscal Policy for the Planning and Development Business

C612A - Living Wage for City Of Edmonton Employees and Employees of Contracted Services

C614 - Turf Management Policy

C616 - Corner Store Program 

C617 - Fleet Replacement Reserve

C618 - Councillors’ Budget and Expenses Policy

C619 - Local Improvements - Surface

C620 - Supporting Vulnerable People During Extreme Weather Conditions

C623A Edmonton Economic Recovery Grant Policy
Procedure: Business Association Stream and City Stream Procedure
Procedure: Business Improvement Area Levy Rebate Stream Procedure

C624 Fiscal Policy For Revenue Generation

C625 2021 Edmonton Economic Recovery Construction Grant Incentive Policy

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