Administrative directives and procedures provide general guidelines and where necessary, detailed instructions on how staff throughout the City are expected to perform many common tasks.

For example, the City's expectations for employees' attendance at work, standards for driving City vehicles, or the procedure to request non-standard IT equipment all apply to employees across the City. Because of this, they are found in the documents called administrative directives and procedures.

More specifically:

  • Administrative Directives are general statements that City employees (including contractors) must adhere to when performing their duties on behalf of the City. Administrative directives:
    • ​Provide philosophical guidelines that must be applied when making decisions
    • Define terms staff must understand in order to follow the directive
    • Identify the legal authority by which staff are required to follow the directive
    • Direct staff to related procedures, manuals, guidelines, standards or other attachments related to that particular administrative directive

​They are approved by the City Manager and maintained by the Office of the City Clerk and the relevant business areas.

  • Procedures assign responsibilities and identify the specific steps staff need to follow to accomplish certain tasks. Following the steps will help ensure that staff act in alignment with the guidelines of the related administrative directive.