Benefit Plan Continuation After Term (Members Of Council)

Billing Period and Property Tax (Reporting of Assessment Adjustments Processed Between Property Tax Bylaw and Billing Periods)

Blatchford District Energy Utility Fiscal Policy (Blatchford Renewable Energy Policy)

Board Appointments (Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions)

Boundary Design (Ward Boundary Design)

Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Support

Building Canada Fund (Community Capital Funding Requests)

Business Improvement Area 

Buying City Name (Facility Name Sale)


Capital Project Governance

Census Policy, Municipal

Child Care Policy

City of Edmonton Archives

City of Edmonton Public Engagement

City/Community Leagues Relations

City Hall Public Space Use

City Council Compensation, 2021 - 2025 (Effective October 26, 2021)

City Land Assets for Non-Profit Affordable Housing

Civic Protocol

Clean-up of Dangerous Goods

Cleaning Streets (Street Cleaning - C. B. D. and Selected Strip Commercial Areas)

Climate Resilience
Procedure: Climate Resilient Acquisition of City Buildings
Procedure: Climate Resilient City Building Leasing - City as Landlord
Procedure: Climate Resilient City Building Leasing - City as Tenant
Procedure: Climate Resilient City-Funded, Non-City Owned Buildings  
Procedure: Climate Resilient Design and Construction of City Buildings  
Procedure: Climate Resilient Existing City Buildings  

Committees and Commissions (Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions)

Communication Towers (Policy for Siting Telecommunications Facilities

Community Amenity Contributions in Direct Control Provisions

Community Capital Funding Requests - Building Canada Fund

Community Facility Partner Capital Grant Program

Community Investment Grants to Organizations and Individuals

Community League Grants Policy

Community Services (Family and Community Support Services Program

Community Services Fiscal Policy (Fiscal Policy for the Enterprise Portfolio - Community Services)

Community Traffic Management

Compensation to Historic Site Owners (Designation and Rehabilitation of Municipal Historic Resources in Edmonton)

Complete Streets

Conservation of Natural Sites in Edmonton's Table Lands (Natural Areas Systems Policy)

Construction Grant Incentive Policy

Construction Hoarding

Corner Store Program

Corporate Tree Management

Corporate Communications

Council Initiatives

Council Orientation and Training

Councillors’ Budget and Expenses Policy

Creation and Transfer of School Sites to School Boards