How many potholes has the City filled so far? Are DATS buses arriving on time these days? How many rescued pets get returned to owners?

Answers to these and many other questions are featured in statistical detail on Edmonton's Citizen Dashboard. It gives Edmontonians access to the latest data on a wide range of municipal services and a timely look at how we’re building one of North America’s great capital cities.

The Citizen Dashboard is an interactive data portal that

  • features performance details and trends for 50 data sets and counting
  • connects to more than 300 data sets on municipal services through the Open Data catalogue
  • provides data updates as soon as they are available

Measuring City performance

The Citizen Dashboard was born out of the City’s efforts to be accountable, open and transparent about its municipal services.

The City’s 10-year strategic plan, The Way Ahead, sets out an overall vision for the kind of city we envision in the future. Six overarching plans set out goals for how to reach that vision. The Citizen Dashboard strives to provide a snapshot of municipal services that contribute to achieving the City’s goals.

The Citizen Dashboard brings together in one place the City’s data that otherwise are stored in multiple databases across the entire corporation. The Citizen Dashboard displays the results in a way that Edmontonians can readily understand. In so doing, it meets open government standards and acts as a cost-effective solution for displaying complex data.

Improving the City’s data

The City is committed to improving the way it informs Edmontonians about the performance of municipal services. More data sets will be added in the future.