The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park Area Structure Plan (EETP ASP) is a long-term planning document that provides the framework for development within the plan area. It was adopted by Council on June 9, 2010 and has been amended several times to respond to changing market conditions.

Recent amendments to the ASP (Bylaw 18096) and custom Zoning (Bylaw 18097 will encourage development by increasing “investment readiness” of the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park. The Public Hearing was held on, September 11, 2017, followed by circulation to the Capital Region Board (now Edmonton Metropolitan Board), and third reading on January 23, 2018.  

Key Changes to the ASP

  • Arterial Road Network:  The road network more closely follows the grid pattern of section boundaries and existing road right-of-ways; it is less curvilinear and more efficient than the existing proposed network.
  • Development Concept: The development concept merges the EETP Logistics and Manufacturing precincts into a new Medium Industrial Precinct.
  • Medium Industrial Zone: A new EETP Medium Industrial Zone will implement the Medium Industrial Precinct; it offers the core manufacturing and logistics uses as well as increased flexibility for other general industrial uses that are commonly found in standard medium industrial zones.
  • Other changes include:
    • Land use and employment statistics updates
    • Map updates,based on revised arterial road network, and updated data
    • New Collector Road Network Concept
    • General updates to reflect references to current policies and documents

Address Changes

If your mailing address  for a property you own has changed, you must submit address changes in writing, to ensure you receive both tax notices and notifications regarding the EETP Area Structure Plan.

Fill out the City of Edmonton Change of Mailing Address Request.

We recommend you also change your mailing address at Land Titles - Service Alberta.