The city sector profiles contain various kinds of demographic, economic and housing information by citywide, traffic districts, electoral wards and neighbourhoods, based on the 2001 Census of Canada data.

Each profile includes information on population by age, household composition, housing stock, education, labour force and income. You can access various area profile information through each of the following links.

Note: For traffic district or electoral ward profiles, your cursor must point and click the area you want on the traffic district or electoral map once you open the link:

Citywide Profile

Map-Based Area Profiles

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Electoral Ward Profiles

Household Income by Neighbourhoods, 2000

Wards and Standard Neighbourhood Map

Topic-Based Area Profiles

(Area comparisons by different topics)

Electoral Ward Profiles by Topics

Traffic District Profiles by Topics

Neighbourhood Profiles by Age and Households

Neighbourhood Profiles by Family Households

Neighbourhood Profiles by Household Size and Income

Neighbourhood Profiles by Mobility Status