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The course runs through Edmonton's Coronation Park area. It includes:

Standard Distance Triathlon: 1 km swim in Peter Hemingway pool, 26 km cycle on Groat Road, 8 km run along Groat Road and Mackinnon Ravine.

Tri it Distance Triathlon: 500 m swim in Peter Hemingway pool, 13 km cycle on Groat Road, 4 km run along Groat Road.

Duathlon: 8 km run along Groat Road, 26 km cycle on Groat Road, 4 km run along Groat Road.

Kids of Steel: Distance varies by age. Events are open to kids ages 5-15 years old. View the participant information for further details.

Swim - Peter Hemingway Pool

Standard Distance 1 km = 10 laps or 20 lengths of the pool
Tri it Distance 500 m = 5 laps or 10 lengths of pool
 Kids of Steel:

7 & under: 50 m = 1 length
8-9: 1 lap or 2 lengths
10-11: 150 m = 1.5 lap or 3 lengths
12-13: 300 m = 3 laps or 6 lengths
14-15: 400 m = 4 laps or 8 lengths


  • You will be assigned a wave number and start time, which will be emailed to you and posted at the package pick-up locations, as well as posted at the race start.
  • Swimmers are placed in heats based on their swim time submitted during registration.
  • Timing chips and swim caps are handed out on deck during swim check-in.
  • We will start 5 athletes per lane.
  • The swim is a 'continuous feed' - following the first start, when one athlete exits their lane we send another to fill their spot. Be on deck well in advance of your estimated start time.
  • Any stroke is permitted - breaststroke, freestyle, or backstroke. Freestyle is recommended.
  • Lap counters will be available to assist, but it is the responsibility of every competitor to know how many laps they have completed.
  • Volunteers will be on hand to count laps; a flutterboard in the water will indicate you have 2 lengths remaining.
  • Stopping at either end of the pool is permitted.
  • Walking on the pool floor during your swim is NOT permitted.
  • Flotation devices and wet suits are NOT permitted for anyone aged 10+.
  • Swim caps are provided and must be worn.
  • Please note: athletes are asked to raise their hand for assistance if they are feeling any troubles or difficulty during the swim portion. Lifeguards are on duty for your safety.

Bike - Groat Road

The bike course for 2015 remains the same from 2014. The course requires the completion of 4 loops to achieve the distance. 

Please note: both sides of Groat Road will be closed to traffic for the cycle component.

Adult Bike Course

Standard Distance 26 km = 4 laps
Duathlon 26 km = 4 laps
Tri it Distance 13 km = 2 laps 


  • Come out of the transition zone, head South on 135 St
  • Turn East on 111 Ave
  • Turn South on Groat Road
  • Follow Groat Road and take the River Valley Road exit
  • Cycle under the Groat Road Bridge and just past the crosswalk
  • Make a sharp left heading back up to the bridge and back in to the Groat Road heading North
  • Follow Groat Road up to 111 Ave and make a 180 degree turn, heading back down Groat road on the same route

Important: potholes and cracks will be filled before the 2015 race but it is still important to still watch for road hazards on the course. The best route is in the centre of either lane away from the centre line and curbs.

At the end of the 4th (or 2nd) lap:

  • Exit west on 111 Ave
  • Turn right on 135 St to enter back into the transition zone

Kids of Steel Bike Course

7 & under 2.2 km + 1 length (see map)
8-9 & 10-11 4.8 km = 2 laps
12-13 & 14-15 8.8 km = 4 laps


  • Come out of the transition zone, head south on 135 St
  • Turn west on 111 Ave
  • Turn east on 111 Ave at 142 St
  • 7 & under: follow 111 Ave east to 135 St, then return to finish
  • 8+ years: go past 135 St and turn around at Groat Road. Make a 180 degree turn and head back on the same route.

At the end of the 4th (or 2nd) lap:

  • Turn right on 135 St to enter back into the transition zone


  • Riders must wear ANSI approved helmets that are fastened for the entire race. 
  • Participants may use road or mountain bikes. 
  • All bike repairs are done by cyclists only.
  • Portable music players are NOT permitted. 
  • Drafting behind cyclists is illegal. 
  • Blocking is NOT permitted.
  • Participants must obey traffic laws unless directed by an official.
  • The Edmonton Police Service will control traffic and monitor safety at all major intersections. 
  • Course marshals will direct participants and assist with traffic control.

Run - Groat Road / Mackinnon Ravine

Standard Distance: 8 km run travelling along Groat Road, then onto the sidewalk at 107 Ave, and toward the Mackinnon Ravine. There is a 180 degree turnaround on the trail at the 4 km mark.

Tri it Distance: A 4 km run along Groat Road. There is a 180 degree turnaround on the trail at the 2 km mark.

Duathlon: The first run is 8 km, and completes the standard distance course. The second run is 4 km and completes the Tri-it Distance.

Kids of Steel: The Kids of Steel run course will be held completely within the Coronation Park. See map.

Run Guidelines

  • Escort runners are NOT permitted. 
  • Portable music players are NOT permitted.
  • Considered finished when any portion of the torso crosses the finish line, not the timing chip.
  • The route will be marked with directional arrows and volunteers will assist in directing competitors.

Transition Zone Guidelines

  • Use assigned bike rack.
  • Please do not impede on other competitors.
  • Please respect other competitors' equipment.
  • Mount and dismount from bike in designated spot.
  • Walk your bike in the transition area. No cycling.
  • Keep all equipment in designated area.

Water Stations

  • Run Route: 107th Avenue
  • Run Route: Government House Park

Food Service

  • Energy snacks (bananas and oranges) will be available for competitors at the finish line in a designated area.
  • Post-race luncheon is supplied by Subway from 10am-2pm.

Parking Strategies

  • No Parking at Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre on race day.
  • No Parking overnight at Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre on Saturday, May 23, 2015 (vehicles will be towed).
  • In the first week of May, posters at Peter Hemingway Fitness & Leisure Centre will remind users of the parking restrictions, road closures, and facility hours of operation.
  • Parking for competitors and visitors is arranged at Westmount Shopping Centre, the surrounding residential area, and Woodcroft Community League.
  • No parking at TELUS World of Science (vehicles will be towed).

Course Maps

For More Information

Coronation Triathlon


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