The City’s Plans

The City of Edmonton has a ten year strategic plan, The Way Ahead, designed to establish priorities and support informed decision-making about future growth and development.

Other major City plans such as the Municipal Development Plan and the Capital City Downtown Plan acknowledge the special role that the downtown plays in a vibrant city.

The Downtown Plan provides guidelines on what would be required of a sports and entertainment district to ensure it contributes to a vibrant, attractive, high density, mixed-use and walkable downtown area.

A new sports and entertainment facility in the downtown has the potential to contribute to the City’s future by transforming Edmonton’s urban form, diversifying Edmonton’s economy and improving Edmonton’s livability (goals in the City’s strategic plan).

Revitalize downtown

A committee appointed by the mayor in 2007-2008 explored the potential for a new sports and entertainment facility in Edmonton. The committee was made up of community and business representatives as well as representatives from the Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Northlands and the City of Edmonton.

The report of the committee, entitled City Shaping, concluded that the greatest opportunity for Edmonton was to develop a new facility in the downtown that would contribute to the ongoing revitalization of the city’s downtown.

Done right, a new arena could contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Edmonton's downtown.