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Civic Events Office

Planning an event and not sure where to start? Are you unsure where to go to find out bylaw information, the permits you need, and booking capabilities of a public space? If so – then you've come to the right place.

The Civic Events Office will serve as your "one-stop shop" to coordinate your access to civic services. Our office can help provide helpful tools and the advice you need to host a successful event on city-owned property.

When do I contact the Civic Events Office?

Contact us if you are planning an event on:

  • A public space or square
  • Parkland
  • Roads or sidewalks

See our list of Public Spaces

If you are planning an event in a private facility, or within an indoor City-owned facility, you likely will not need to contact the Civic Events Office.

For private, corporate, or group events please see our list of City facilities that are available for Rentals & Bookings.

How can the Civic Events Office help me?

As Canada's Festival City, the City of Edmonton recognizes the significant role festivals and events play in the vibrancy of our community. Edmonton offers a wide variety of festivals and events, spanning all artistic genres and sporting activities that contribute to our city's quality of life.

The City of Edmonton Civic Event Office was designed to make life easier for event organizers. Our office provides support and expertise to event organizers who are coordinating events on outdoor public property and on parkland. Follow the sections and links below to access a wealth of information that will help you start the planning of your:

  • Festival
  • Roadway event like a parade, run, walk, race, or triathlon
  • Major sporting event
  • Rally or protest

Find answers to your questions:

Let's Get Started!

  1. Review our Plan an Event FAQs (Your Event) and Civic Events Office FAQ (Our Services)
  2. Go to our Event Application Process section

For More Information

Civic Events Office

P.O. Box 2359
Edmonton AB  T5J 0K1



Fax 780-944-0042
Email civic.events@edmonton.ca