Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our birthday parties. If the answer to your question isn’t listed, please refer to Birthday Information Packages for additional information about arrival and departure procedures, food ordering or catering services, and more!

Additionally, you can contact the birthday bookings office by phone 780-442-1442 or email and we will be happy to answer your questions!

What happens if I need to end the program before it is scheduled to end?

Please let your interpreter know prior to or at the start of the program when you would like the program to end, so that s/he will end the program with enough time to ensure the group is back in the party room for parents to pick-up their children. 

What happens if we arrive late?

Your program will start when you arrive at the Nature Centre, and will end at the scheduled end time indicated on your booking confirmation sheet.

Are there food services on-site?

There are beverage and snack vending machines in the Nature Centre hallway.

I booked a room rental. Do we have the room for the whole time?

Yes. Food, presents, and other belongings can be left in the room during the program. Some of our program activities may take place outside of the room and in other locations around the facility, so we will not be in the one room the entire time.  We usually draw the doors closed when the party is out of the room.  The rooms do not lock.  If you have small valuables, such as a purse, we recommend bringing them with you.

How will I know which room is the birthday room?

We have 2 party rooms.  Interpreters will put a sign at the top of the stairs past the front desk of the nature centre to direct individuals to their designated party room.  

Do we need to clean up afterwards?

Your interpreter will clean up the room after your party.  Please be considerate and help our staff by ensuring that all garbage and recycling is placed into the correct receptacles.  Additionally, please assist our staff with any large messes (i.e., spilled food/drink) by minimizing/containing the spill.  If no paper towels are available in the room, please ask your interpreter for some.

Can parents enter the facility to drop-off/pick-up their child without paying admission?

Yes.  If you are passing by the front desk staff, please let them know that you are there to drop-off/pick-up for a birthday. 

Can we have the room rental before the program?

Yes, this is possible.  Please include your request/preferences in the “notes to interpreter” section of your booking confirmation sheet at the time of booking.  When your interpreter calls, please discuss your request with him/her, so that the interpreter can plan the program accordingly.

My children are young (i.e., 4 yrs) and may not be ready for 2 hrs of continuous programming.

a) Can we have a shortened program? 
Yes, you can book our 2.5 hr party package, which includes 1.5 hr of programming and a 1 hr room rental.

b) Can we have a snack/bathroom break in the middle of the program? 
Yes. Please include this request at time of booking in “notes to interpreter”.  

c) Can we have a shorter program (i.e., 1.5 hrs), and use the extra time to extend the room rental time by an extra 30 minutes?  
Yes.  Please include this request in “notes to interpreter”.

I have 20 children, but only 10 parents. Can they all participate without paying extra admission for the children?

For most of our parties, this is possible, as long as the maximum number of people is 30. For Nature Play Parties, the maximum number of kids we can accommodate per party is 15. This is to ensure a high-quality program.  If you have additional children that you wish to invite, we recommend booking a second birthday program.

Do you offer any birthday programs for infants/toddlers (children under the age of 4)?

We have one birthday party program specifically for preschoolers (ages 3-5), called Nature Play Party.

The majority of our other party programs are for children ages 4 years and up. Some families choose to book combined family birthdays, where the majority of children are 4 years and up. Younger children (siblings) are welcome to attend these birthdays with additional adult supervision, but they may not be able to or interested in participating in many of the activities. Please call our birthday program bookings office if you are interested in booking a mixed-age birthday party and would like more information.

Can I tip my interpreter if they did a great job?

No, City of Edmonton employees cannot accept money.  Once the program is over, you can thank them verbally. You are welcome to offer them a piece of cake or leftover food to express your appreciation.

Do birthday party activities include outdoor activities as well as indoor activities?

Yes, all of our programs include a combination of outdoor and indoor activities.  Please dress for the weather, so that guests are comfortable spending some time outdoors.  In the event of inclement weather, more program time will be spent indoors.

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