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Information about Phase I of the Nature's Wild Backyard project and the future plans for Phase II.

Nature's Wild Backyard rehabilitates the original 1959 Storyland Zoo infrastructure, creating an immersive, child-focused experience and building on the success of the Arctic Shores, Entry Plaza and Wander Trail projects – the 1st phases of the 2005 Council-approved Edmonton Valley Zoo Master Plan.

Completion of Nature's Wild Backyard will establish the zoo as a leader in its field, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to animal welfare, education, conservation and environmental stewardship. This revitalization project will feature landscape-based experiences connected to the ecology and lives of key animals including: lemurs, gibbons, farm animals, meerkats, foxes, and various other smaller animals. Habitat areas will be designed as naturalized educational areas to provide more opportunity for the public to interact and 'Get Closer' to a wide variety of animals. The project will also renew and upgrade guest amenities that have reached the end of their lifespan, such as washrooms, concessions and the carousel.

Nature's Wild Backyard has been divided into 2 phases of construction. Phase I is currently fully funded and completed. Phase II will include the remaining elements.

Visit Phase I - Nature's Wild Backyard

Phase I

  • Construction Start Date: 2017
  • Budget: $25 million - This project was partially funded through the efforts of the Valley Zoo Development Society

To contribute, donate to the Valley Zoo Development Society.