Water Conservation

Zoos require huge amounts of water to operate. Water is needed for basic animal care, animal habitats and cleaning. The Edmonton Valley Zoo practices efficient water use with the following practices and technology:

  • Capture and treat storm water on site to use in aquatic animal habitats
  • Encourage filling reusable water bottles with filtered water from the public water station
  • Plant native plants that are drought resistant
  • Use 40% less potable water than conventional fixtures in our gift shop, café and education centre
  • Save more than 400,000 liters of water each year using low-flow water fixtures in the Wander

In our Office

Around the office a few simple steps can go a long way, so in our office we:

  • Skip printing wherever possible to save ink and paper
  • Ensure all paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Partner with TerraCycle to reuse plastic waste items, such as cereal and coffee bag liners
  • Encourage visitors to safely recycle batteries in our collection box

Energy Conservation

The zoo has implemented a number of green energy choices in the way we commute and operate.

  • There are over 50 bicycle parking spaces at the Wander. Lighten up your carbon footprint and ride your bike the next time you visit the zoo
  • When it comes to building, low emitting materials and technology like occupancy and temperature sensors, perimeter heating, and heat recovery reduce energy use
  • The zoo minimizes light pollution by using smart light sensors, outdoor LEDs, photocell sensors, and up-light cut-off shields that save energy