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Scientific name: Phoca vitulina

Habitat: saltwater shorelines

Diet: squid, octopus, crabs, clams, fish

Life span: 25–30 years (males slightly shorter)

Young: 1 young/year (pup)

Size: 60–160 kg (132–350 lbs)

This furred, non-migratory sea mammal moults once a year with the fur coming off in patches.

Seals can dive to depths of 90 meters (295 ft), but find most of their food in shallow waters.

Like human fingers, each whisker can move independently to feel vibrations from swimming prey. Thick layers of blubber provide insulation, buoyancy, and energy reserves.

Seals are hunted for their fur, oil and meat.

What is your zoo doing to help?

Polar Extremes: Arctic Shores habitat
Recreating an Arctic shoreline, this northern wonderland will be home to seals, sea lions, Arctic foxes and ground squirrels. This project will improve the quality of life for the seals and sea lion currently living at the zoo.

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Range: Coastal areas

Status in the Wild

Status: thriving

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