Small white dog with curly fur looks up

Information your community league needs to participate in this new off-leash pilot.

Applications are now open.

Interested community leagues can now apply to designate a temporary off-leash area within fully enclosed spaces between May and September as part of the Rink Off-leash Pilot Project.

The following conditions must be met:

  1. Weatherproof signage must be present on-site with Bylaw and League contact information
  2. The temporary off-leash area should be physically accessible for all potential users including those using mobility devices
  3. Waste containers must be available nearby and emptied regularly, if additional waste containers are required they will be at the League’s expense
  4. The League should consider providing dog waste bags to ensure users are able to remove defecation
  5. Dogs must be leashed outside of the temporary off-leash area and stay on designated trails/paths
  6. The space may not be used for any other recreation activity during it's use as a temporary off-leash area due to public health concerns
  7. Once closed for the season, the temporary off-leash area must be cleaned to ensure it is ready for alternative use, at the League’s expense
  8. The community league must have and maintain in good standing a tripartite license agreement with the City for the location
  9. Community league must inform their insurance provider of their participation in the temporary off-leash pilot program
  10. The League is responsible for monitoring off-leash use of the community rink, including public health measures
  11. The League should consider regular sanitization of common contact points including entry gates and waste container lids
  12. If noise, waste or other complaints are reported for the space, Peace Officers/Animal Control Officers will review the location for suitability