The development of the Kinsmen Sports Centre (KSC) Master Plan and Implementation Strategy began in 2011 to define a long term vision and plan that will direct future improvements of the facility. Recommendations were made for capital improvements, as well as operational considerations to be carried out in a practical, coordinated, economical and efficient manner.

The Master Plan and Implementation Study for the Kinsmen Sports Centre addresses 3 key needs:

  • Increase the facility’s capacity for activities
  • Improve its functionality
  • Redefine the operating mandate

In November 2014, City Council approved the Kinsmen Sports Centre Master Plan.

Recommended Capital Upgrades and Enhancements

Eight major zones were identified for capital improvements:

3 zones are located in the centre of the facility:

  • A - lobby
  • B - core area
  • D - courts

3 zones focus on the aquatic area:

  • C -  dryland training gym / storage 
  • E -  south concourse*
  • G -  pools renovations

Zone F targets the field house upgrades

Zone H addresses parking and site changes*

* Not part of current plan recommendations; further analysis is required.

Construction and Renovation Areas 

Recommendations for Redevelopment

  • Reconfiguring the front entrance with a ground level entry will provide a more welcoming entrance and will accommodate users with mobility concerns
  • Deepening and widening the warm up tank to a 10 lane, 50m pool will increase capacity for number of swimmers and will improve the City’s ability to host major events
  • Adding a hot tub/hydrotherapy tub on deck will support divers warming up and keep muscles loose between dives
  • Upgrading the field house with a new track and adding storage will make the facility more functional
  • Adding a dedicated space for dry-land training in the aquatic area will enhance training for the high performance athletes
  • Expanding the fitness centre will bring the facility up to current standards and increase its use and attendance
  • Adding up to 8 accessible change rooms will support those with accessibility needs
  • Rebuilding the racquet courts to meet current standards will make the courts usable to train and play in

Recommended Operating Priority and Direction

The Kinsmen Sports Centre will have a dual-mandate of equal importance to serve individual fitness enthusiasts, seeking fitness and training and high performance sport organizations for both training and competition. Beyond experiences for users aligned to this dual mandate, opportunities for casual users and more recreational uses will continue to be available and offered at Kinsmen Sports Centre as space and time determines.

For more information, see Vision and Mission: Kinsmen Sports Centre Master Plan.

Current Steps:

2015 - Present

Implementation of the Kinsmen Sports Centre Master Plan Operational Strategy with internal and external stakeholders to align to Vision, Mission and Dual Mandate.

The Kinsmen Sports Centre Masterplan Capital upgrade remains unfunded. Considerations will occur next budget cycle of 2019-2022.

Kinsmen Parking Lot & Rehab Project

Currently, Kinsmen Park has a total of 775 parking stalls divided into 8 existing parking lots and some street parking along the access road, which leads to the parking lot in the Northwest corner of the park. With the eventual completion of the proposed design it will increase the total parking capacity to 956 parking stalls and will improve the Kinsmen Centre facility experience by providing pedestrian upgrades, improvements to vehicular flow and movement within the parking lot, assets improvements and beautification of the facility.

Phase 1 (2018) – Main Entry Road and Turnaround

The goal of this phase is the reconfiguration and improvement to the access road fronting the Kinsmen Centre and Queen Elizabeth Pool. The scope of Work includes but is not limited to:

  • Introduction of a turnaround at the entrance of the Kinsmen Centre
  • Pedestrian upgrades
  • An additional lane at the park entrance to align vehicle movements
  • Reintroduce two-way traffic to the front of the Kinsmen Centre and open access to the Main Parking Lot
  • Improve the lighting in front of the Kinsmen Centre entrance road

Phase 1 improvements will create better traffic flow to allow for the redevelopment of entry access road, east portion of the main lot and the new parking lot at the main entrance to the park and will include the sense of safety among the users with the addition of lights.

Phase 2 (TBD) – New Pool Parking Lot

Construction of a new parking lot north of the Queen Elizabeth Pool with allocation for 199 stalls and trail connections to link the new parking lot to the Sports Centre, outdoor pool and park/playground, northwest parking lot to the outdoor pools and park/playground. The introduction of a new lot will allow for parking stall counts to remain above current levels while Phase 3, 4 and 5 construction is undertaken.

Phase 3 & 4 (TBD) – Main Parking Lot Upgrades (West/East)

Upgrades to existing main parking lot including islands and the introduction of a new median for parking controls during major events.

Phase 5 (TBD) – New Entrance Parking Lot

Construction of a new parking lot with allocation for 119 new stalls at the entrance to the park in the land that has been allocated to Kinsmen Park as a result of the realignment of Walterdale Road. Work includes new pedestrian connections and the potential for low impact design for storm water collection and cleansing.