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With a wide variety of drop-in fitness programs for adults, children and family, you're sure to find something that fits you!

Drop-in programs are included with your Facility Plus or All Facility pass.

Drop-In Fitness classes are for participants ages 13 years and older.

Family-Friendly classes are for participants 8 years and older. (Participants between 8-12 years must be accompanied by a participant 16 years or older.)

Classes in the Older Adult schedules are designed specifically for older adults, but are open to all participants 13 years or older.

Sporting equipment is available for spontaneous use on site. Spontaneous use programs are non-leader led, and are appropriate for children 8 years and older.

Fall Fitness and Recreation Drop-In Schedules

Find a Drop-in or Registered Program

Skating and Shinny Program Descriptions

Free Drop-In Public Skate

Note: Admission is not required for public skating.

Public Skate

Drop-in Public Skating opportunities are free for everyone who wants to enjoy a skate. Times are offered at various locations, days and times across the city. Children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 13+

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Parents and Tots Public Skate

Opportunities available for parent and toddlers (under the age of 6) to either skate freely and/or allow their tots to play with sticks and pucks. This opportunity is only for Parents and Toddlers. Toddlers must be actively supervised by an adult. Children and adults must be on skates. Caregivers are not allowed to carry the child.

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Older Adult Public Skate

An opportunity to skate and socialize which is designated to older adults (55+) during non-peak low volume times.

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Public Figure Skating

An opportunity made available for general public to practice figure skating elements and moves. Coaches are not permitted. All ages welcome; children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 13+.  (Please note: Figure skating moves are only allowed at Member Figure Skating and at Public Figure Skating.)

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Early Morning Fitness Public Skate

An early morning opportunity targeted to adults (18+) with a focus around skating for fitness.

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Early Morning Public Skate

An early morning opportunity for all ages to drop in for skating. Children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 13+.

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Drop-In Member Skate & Shinny Hockey

Note: Admission or Membership is required for member skate and shinny hockey.

Member Figure Skating

An opportunity made available for City of Edmonton Recreation Centre members or customers paying admission (wristbands required) to drop in and practice figure skating elements and moves. Coaches are permitted (external coaching permit required). All ages welcome; children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 13+. (Please note: Figure skating moves are only allowed at Member Figure Skating and at Public Figure Skating.)

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Member Skate

An opportunity made available for City of Edmonton Recreation Centre members or customers paying admission (wristbands required) to drop in and skate. Learn to skate and power skating coaching allowed (external coaching permit required.) Member skates are also added weekly in between rentals and programming. See schedule for updated locations and times. All ages welcome; children under the age of 8 must be actively supervised by a responsible person aged 13+.

See Drop-in Skating Schedule - Current Week

Adult Shinny

Opportunities for drop-in Shinny scheduled at various locations and on various days. Membership or drop-in fees apply.

See Shinny Schedule - Current week

Child/Youth Shinny

Opportunities during the summer months for youth (ages 6-17) to play ‘pick up’ hockey. Review guidelines prior to attending. Membership or drop in fees apply

See Shinny Schedule - Current week

Child / Family Program Descriptions

Dance Pl3Y

This is a new physical activity program that plays with dance in an unique and innovative way. You and your kids will love learning simple moves from a variety of styles - Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk -  as they get interACTIVE with our unique 360 degree teaching approach. Watch self-confidence and positive attitudes grow each week thanks to our motivating coaching philosophy featuring the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be positive! Be fun! Be yourself. 
Schedule(s): The Meadows

Family Fun Night (Age 6+)

Get active in this leader led, drop-in sampler program! Each day will be jam-packed with 60 minutes of games, sports and drills that your family is sure to love. From family fun relays, parachute games, floor hockey, obstacle courses and much more, each visit will give your family a chance to get active together.
Schedule(s): ClareviewTerwillegar, The Meadows

Inflatable Playground

Let your kids bounce off the wall! Bring your kids to the Kinsmen Sports Centre and let them burn off some energy in the Jumpy Things Inflatable Playgrounds. Safe jumpy fun! Parental supervision is required at all times.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Spin: Family (Ages 8+)

Improve your cardio and muscular strength as a family! This family fun 30 minute spin class is a fun way to work out together. Children must be 8 years or older & must be at least 4'8" (142 cm) to attend.
Schedule(s): The Meadows, Terwillegar

Yoga: Family (Age 8+)

Learn to do Yoga as a family. This class will help increase your flexibility, strengthen your body and relax your mind in a family friendly environment. Children must be 8 years or older to attend. Yoga mats are not provided.
Schedule(s): The Meadows

Zumba: Family (Age 8+)

Have fun dancing as a family! This Latin-inspired dance fitness class is designed for families with children 8 years and up. Have fun moving to Latin music – join the party!
Schedule(s): ClareviewThe Meadows , Terwillegar

Adult Program Descriptions

All in 60

Cardio, Strength and Flexibility all in 60 minutes! Enjoy a variety of different fitness styles each week. Intensity can be easily modified for all fitness levels.
Schedule(s): Clareview,  Mill Woods


Be fast on your feet and bring your family and friends for some badminton in our gymnasium. All ages and abilities welcome.
Schedule(s): ACTClareviewCommonwealthThe MeadowsSt. FXTerwillegar 

Barre With Baby

A dynamic workout inspired by a mix of dance, strength, Pilates and Yoga using the ballet barre and other equipment. Designed for moms with babies 6 weeks - 9 months old (before they are mobile). Babies must be worn/strapped to mom for class.
Schedule(s): Terwillegar


Come shoot some hoops with your family and friends. All ages and abilities welcome.
Schedule(s): Clareview, CommonwealthThe MeadowsSt. FXTerwillegar 

Boot Camp

Heart-pumping cardio drills combined with strength exercises using a variety of equipment. These full-body workouts are both challenging and fun! Prepare to sweat and be pushed! For 'Stroller-Friendly' classes all children must remain in strollers.
Schedule(s): ClareviewCommonwealthKinsmen, The MeadowsTerwillegar

Boot Camp - Stroller-Friendly

Same great whole-body workouts as our Boot Camp, but with your stroller. Participants without a stroller are welcome. All children must remain in strollers.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Terwillegar, Commonwealth

CASE for the Heart

Low intensity exercises and physical activity for those with low to moderate physical fitness.
Schedule(s): Terwillegar

Circuit Training (CT)

A total body interval-style class that targets your entire body with a variety of cardio, strength, plyometric and core training exercises. Maximize calorie burn and total body conditioning. Great for all fitness levels!
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, ClareviewKinsmen, The Meadows, St. FX, Terwillegar

Circuit Training Gold

Improve your strength, mobility, flexibility and balance while enhancing cardiovascular health with this interval-style class. This class is designed for active older adults, providing a variety of low-impact exercises utilizing both your body weight and functional equipment.
Schedule(s): KinsmenTerwillegar

Core Express

Get to the CORE of the matter, improve overall function while working through a variety of core-targeted exercises focusing on strength, stability and posture. 
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Mill Woods, Terwillegar, The Meadows, Londonderry  

Endurance Cycle / Brick

Does your training schedule require you to spend long periods of time on your bike? Looking for a great Brick workout that will help you develop your "running legs" after the bike? If the answer to these questions is yes, join us for an Endurance Cycle and/of Brick workout led by our NCCP Triathlon Training Coaches. Bike trainers will be provided; must supply your own bike.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen


Improve flexibility, strength and range of motion with this dynamic Mind/Body class. We incorporate stretching through continual movement to help elongate muscles and strengthen the joints. The benefits of Essentrics include improved posture, balance, core strength, injury prevention and even rehabilitation. All levels welcome.
Schedule(s): The Meadows, Mill Woods, Terwillegar

Fitness on Fridays

Dedicated drop-in play time for persons with disabilities to safely and comfortable partake in gymnasium activities such as basketball, badminton, and many more!
Schedule(s): ACT

Flexibility and Mobility

Increase range of motion, flexibility and mobility. This class uses various myofascial/trigger point techniques as well as stretching, range of motion and mobility exercises to get your body moving freely and without pain.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, The Meadows, Terwillegar

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

H.I.I.T. is a full-body workout of rigorous interval training with high-intensity exercises. H.I.I.T. will build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and overall endurance. A variety of interval intensities may be used. Prepare to get sweaty!
Schedule(s): ClareviewCommonwealth, Kinsmen, The MeadowsTerwillegar.

H.I.I.T. the Step

Improve your cardio fitness, agility and coordination! Get your heart pumping by using the STEP for intervals, plyometrics, strength and balance drills. All levels welcome. No prior step experience required.
Schedule(s): ClareviewThe MeadowsLondonderryTerwillegar

Living Fit

A variety of cardio and resistance training exercises specifically designed for the active older adult that will keep you moving and strong for the daily activities of life.
Schedule(s): ClareviewKinsmen,  The MeadowsTerwillegar

Obstacle-Fit Conditioning

Obstacle course fitness conditioning combines strength and endurance training for an amazing workout designed to both challenge and improve your skills, speed, strength and agility while testing your mental toughness. This class will have you ready to tackle any obstacle and conquer any course! 
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Open Court

Use for basketball, floor hockey, open training, badminton, table tennis or other court activities.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Open Fitness Centre

Must be 16 years or older to use the fitness centre. Youth between the ages of 12-15 years are permitted to use the fitness centre only after having completed the Youth in Action program. Strollers are not permitted in the Fitness Centre.
Schedule(s): Central Lions, Clareview, Commonwealth, Grand Trunk, Hardisty, Jasper Place, Kinsmen, Londonderry, Mill Woods, The Meadows, Peter Hemingway, Terwillegar

Open FTC : Cardio

The Functional Training Centre is available exclusively at Kinsmen Sports Centre and features equipment specifically geared towards functional training exercises. Located in the fieldhouse, the Cardio area includes the space outside of the weightroom. Everyone must follow the same guidelines as within the Fitness Centre.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Open FTC : TRX

The Functional Training Centre is available exclusively at Kinsmen Sports Centre and features equipment specifically geared towards functional training exercises. Located in the fieldhouse, the TRX area includes the space with the TRX frame. Everyone must follow the same guidelines as within the Fitness Centre.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Open FTC : Weightroom

The Functional Training Centre is available exclusively at Kinsmen Sports Centre and features equipment specifically geared towards functional training exercises. The weightroom is located in the fieldhouse. Everyone must follow the same guidelines as within the Fitness Centre.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Open Gym

A first-come, first-served opportunity for drop-in play activities such as basketball, badminton and more! This time is designated for fun, spontaneous use and not intended for organized team practices or dedicated games.
Schedule(s): ClareviewCommonwealthThe MeadowsSt. FXTerwillegar 

Open Track (Ages 8+)

Walk or run at your own time and pace. Children between the ages of 8-15 are permitted on the track only if they are actively supervised by an adult, unless they have completed the Youth in Action program. Strollers are permitted on the track.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, St. FX, Terwillegar

Open Turf

Bring the family down and participate in a variety of activities including soccer, football, baseball, frisbee, and rugby in our state of the art indoor field house.
Schedule(s): Commonwealth

Pickle Ball

Mini tennis game played by 2 to 4 people on a badminton-sized court using wooden paddles and a light baseball sized ball.
Schedule(s): ACTClareviewThe MeadowsTerwillegar 

Game Play and Sign Up Procedures (Terwillegar)

Etiquette (Terwillegar)


Discover strength, support, flexibility and balance. Classic Pilates exercises done on the mat while using a variety of props with emphasis on core strength. This class may also work the fascia system through a series of movement and stretching exercises.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen, Terwillegar

Pilates Barre

This total-body toning workout infuses elements of ballet, dance, Pilates and Yoga to lengthen and strengthen the body. Pilates Barre will have a strong focus on Pilates movements to build core strength.
Schedule(s): CommonwealthTerwillegar

Power Pump   

Get your pump on with barbells and plates. This workout increases muscular strength through endurance training, designed to burn fat, shape muscles and provide a sense of empowerment in a fun, high energy class.
Schedule(s): Clareview, The Meadows


Practice your skills all year round. Kick a soccer ball around or join a friendly game on the indoor turf in our amazing field house. Drop-in adult (18+), child (8-12 years) and youth (13-17 years) soccer times are offered.
Schedule(s): Commonwealth


Rev up your cardio and overall conditioning with a fun group cycling class set to energizing music. You will be challenged with a variety of interval drills using rolling hills, sprints, climbs and much more! Spin Bike tickets (1/person) will be available 30 minutes prior to class time from the Admissions Desk. For family-friendly classes, children must be 8 years or older and must be at least 4'8" (142 cms) to attend.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, The Meadows, Terwillegar 

Spin and Barre

This class starts with 30 minutes of high energy cycling followed by a 30 minute Barre/Core segment. This is a total body workout - from sweating on the bike to working the core, glutes, arms and thighs with Barre-style training.
Schedule(s): Terwillegar

Spin and Strength

Rev up that metabolism with 30 minutes of heart pounding cardio and 30 minutes of strength training using TRX, weights, and other various fitness equipment. Get the best of both worlds. All levels welcome. Please note, your instructor might take you on a virtual ride.

Spin: Tabata Trek

Maximize your training time with this high intensity class that uses maximum effort intervals on the spin bike.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Spin: Open Virtual

Go for a bike ride at your own pace and enjoy the scenery on the screen along the way There will be no coaching for this workout.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Spin: Virtual Coach

This class is led by a virtual instructor who will coach you through your cycling workout as you explore various destinations from the comfort of the Spin Studio.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen, Terwillegar

Spin and Yoga Flow

This fusion class is the perfect combination of work for the mind and body. Work hard with 30 minutes of heart pumping spin followed by 45 minutes of a strong Flow-style Yoga practice.
Schedule(s): Terwillegar

Spin and Yoga Hatha

This fusion class is the perfect combination. Work hard with 30 minutes of heart pumping spin followed by 30 minutes of a gentle Yoga practice to unwind your mind and body.
Schedule(s): The Meadows, Terwillegar

Stair Climber

Climb your way to the top! Boost your glutes and ignite your cardiovascular system with this stair climbing workout that is like no other. Class may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Offered from May-September.
Schedule(s): Commonwealth


Step up your cardio with this choreographed high-energy class that uses a step platform to strengthen and shape the lower body, one step at a time. Please see the schedule to determine the level of this class.
Schedule(s): ClareviewKinsmen, LondonderryTerwillegar

Step and Strength

Step right up! Improve your strength, cardio and coordination with a combination of classic Step moves and weight training exercises. Some step experience is recommended.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen, Mill WoodsTerwillegar


Strollercize is a functional, total-body conditioning workout combining cardio and strength, designed for parents to exercise with their kids in tow. All children must remain in strollers. In good weather, this class may go outside.
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, ClareviewKinsmen, The Meadows, Terwillegar

Strong (by Zumba)

STRONG by Zumba™ is brought to you by the creators of Zumba. STRONG is not a dance class but a stand-alone new fitness class format. It combines high intensity interval training with Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitness goals faster. Strong is a high intensity, total body workout that uses your own body weight for a workout like no other. 
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, The Meadows, Terwillegar

Table Tennis

Work up a sweat with this total body muscle-toning activity.
Schedule(s): ClareviewThe MeadowsTerwillegar

Tabata Interval Training

Tabata will take you through a total body workout that is fast-paced and guaranteed to make you sweat! Each set is 4 minutes long, alternating between 20 seconds of minimal effort followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds. For 'Stroller-Friendly' classes, all children must remain in strollers. 
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Londonderry, The Meadows, Mill Woods, Terwillegar

Tai Chi

Learn traditional Yang-style Tai Chi. The slow and graceful movements, combined with focused attention effectively exercise the mind and body. Tai Chi is a meditation in motion that is suitable for everyone.
Schedule(s): ClareviewKinsmen, The Meadows, Terwillegar

Total Body Barre

This total-body training workout infuses elements of ballet, dance, Pilates, and Yoga to lengthen and strengthen the body.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Terwillegar, The Meadows

Total Body Blast

A well-rounded workout that will increase your metabolism by alternating between cardio and strength exercises, focusing on building endurance.
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Londonderry, Mill Woods, Terwillegar, Clareview, The Meadows

Total Body Strength

Improve your strength and stability with a variety of exercises using your body weight and weighted equipment. No cardio required to work hard in this class!
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Londonderry, The Meadows, Mill Woods, TerwillegarClareview

Volleyball - Adult

Practice your volley, set and spike with friends and family. Must be 18+ to participate.
Schedule(s): St. FX, Terwillegar

Walking For Health

Increase muscular strength, build stronger bones and enhance cardiovascular fitness with this low impact walking class. Some portable equipment may be used. In good weather class may go outside. 
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, Terwillegar, Clareview

Yoga : Athletic

For​ ​athletes​ ​who​ ​seek​ ​to​ ​challenge​ ​themselves​ ​with​ ​a​ ​class​ ​that​ ​helps​ ​expose weaknesses​ ​to​ ​strengthen.​ ​Emphasis​ ​on​ ​improving​ ​breath​ ​control/recovery,​ ​finding​ ​the​ ​core to​ ​drive​ ​movement​ ​and​ ​stabilization​ ​of​ ​shoulders​ ​and​ ​pelvis.​ ​The​ ​aim​ ​is​ ​to​ ​create​ ​greater symmetry​ ​in​ ​the​ ​body​ ​and​ ​maintain​ ​a​ ​calm​ ​mind​ ​in​ ​sport​ ​and​ ​life. 
Schedule(s): Terwillegar

Yoga: Chair

For​ ​everybody.​ ​Traditional​ ​yoga​ ​poses​ ​are​ ​adapted​ ​to​ ​be​ ​safely​ ​done​ ​in​ ​a​ ​chair​ ​or using​ ​a​ ​chair​ ​for​ ​support,​ ​making​ ​yoga​ ​accessible​ ​for​ ​people​ ​challenged​ ​by​ ​standing​ ​for long​ ​periods​ ​or​ ​mobility​ ​in​ ​moving​ ​to​ ​and​ ​from​ ​the​ ​floor.
Schedule(s): Clareview, TerwillegarThe Meadows

Yoga: Hatha Gentle

For​ ​beginners,​ ​those​ ​with​ ​special​ ​concerns​ ​or​ ​injuries​ ​and​ ​those​ ​who​ ​simply​ ​desire a​ ​slower​ ​pace​ ​in​ ​which​ ​to​ ​develop​ ​greater​ ​personal​ ​body​ ​and​ ​breath​ ​awareness​ ​with attention​ ​to​ ​alignment​ ​and​ ​detail.​ ​Learn​ ​more​ ​about​ ​yoga​ ​and​ ​improve​ ​flexibility,​ ​alignment, strength​ ​and​ ​balance​ ​in​ ​a​ ​gentle​, ​achievable​ ​practice​ ​that​ ​is​ ​relaxing,​ ​calming​ ​and stress-relieving.
Schedule(s): Clareview, CommonwealthThe Meadows, Terwillegar

Yoga: Happy Hips

For anyone looking to increase their hip health. This class will focus on
increasing flexibility, strength and stability of the hip joint, helping your hips feel happy and healthy.
Schedule(s): ClareviewCommonwealthKinsmen, Londonderry, The Meadows, Terwillegar

Yoga: Hatha - Family Friendly

Hatha Yoga refers to the origins of all yoga styles. It includes a wide range of movements and postures that stretch, strengthen, align and stimulate all systems of the body. This practice is a great compliment to any form of physical activity for those who wish to maintain and deepen their existing yoga practice and for those who are new to yoga. This practice will be adapted so that it's suitable for the entire family. Children must be 8 years or older to attend.
Schedule(s): The Meadows

Yoga and Meditation

For everybody. Combines yoga postures with breath and body awareness, guided
meditation instruction and/or sitting practice. We focus on the present moment and develop skills in concentrating and steadying the mind so that we can be more attentive, more aware and more centered. 
Schedule(s): ClareviewThe MeadowsTerwillegar 

Yoga: Hatha

Hatha​ ​Yoga​ ​refers​ ​to​ ​the​ ​origins​ ​of​ ​all​ ​yoga​ ​styles.​ ​It​ ​includes​ ​a​ ​wide​ ​range​ ​of​ ​movements and​ ​postures​ ​that​ ​stretch,​ ​strengthen,​ ​align​ ​and​ ​stimulate​ ​all​ ​systems​ ​of​ ​the​ ​body.​ ​This practice​ ​is​ ​a​ ​great​ ​compliment​ ​to​ ​any​ ​form​ ​of​ ​physical​ ​activity​ ​for​ ​those​ ​who​ ​wish​ ​to maintain​ ​and​ ​deepen​ ​their​ ​existing​ ​yoga​ ​practice​ ​and​ ​for​ ​those​ ​who​ ​are​ ​new​ ​to​ ​yoga.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Londonderry, The Meadows, Terwillegar, Mill Woods

Yoga: Hatha Intermediate

For​ ​experienced​ ​yogis.​ ​This​ ​class​ ​works​ ​on​ ​a​ ​balance​ ​between​ ​strength​ ​and flexibility​ ​with​ ​a​ ​focus​ ​on​ ​technique​ ​and​ ​detailed​ ​alignment​ ​while​ ​building​ ​endurance​ ​and improving​ ​awareness​ ​of​ ​breath​ ​and​ ​posture.​​ ​More​ ​challenging​ ​balances,​ ​inversions,​ ​floor and​ ​standing​ ​poses​ ​will​ ​be​ ​given​ ​to​ ​build​ ​on​ ​your​ ​yoga​ ​foundation​ ​and​ ​knowledge.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen

Yoga Pilates Fusion

For everybody. Increase your stability, strength and flexibility while improving your mind-body connection with the combination of Yoga and Pilates.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen, Commonwealth

Yoga: Power

For experienced yogis. Inspired by the Ashtanga practice, this class connects
breath to movement and flows at a faster rhythm to increase stamina, strength, flexibility
and balance. It begins with a series of sun salutations and standing postures, including
balancing and inversions, followed by more challenging floor poses.
Schedule(s): Clareview, Kinsmen

Yoga: Relax and Restore (R&R)

Relax and restore your body and mind. R&R is a blended yin and restorative-style deep stretch and meditative-focused class. This class promotes deep tranquility for the body and mind through supportive poses with the use of props so that you can relax completely and open gently.
Schedule(s): ClareviewThe MeadowsTerwillegar 

Yoga: Flow

The perfect place to begin and gain comfort and confidence with flow style
yoga. While connecting breath to movement, we flow from pose to pose at a slower pace to build flexibility, strength and mindfulness, at times pausing to investigate poses and bring awareness to the specifics of alignment. This class builds strength, stamina and deepens balance.
Schedule(s): Kinsmen, The Meadows, Terwillegar

Yoga: Yin

For anyone looking for a deep release. Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga, practiced mainly on the mat, where deep stretches are held for long periods to challenge the mind to surrender and allow the body to open. It focuses on the body’s connective tissues - ligaments, tendons and fascia - with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints
and improving flexibility.
Schedule(s): CommonwealthKinsmen, Mill Woods

Yoga: Yin/Yang

For anyone. Balance your practice with the strong Yang energy created by dynamic sequences mixed with the calm poses of Yin held for longer to cool and stretch your tissues and joints.
Schedule(s): Terwillegar


Take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. 
Schedule(s): Commonwealth, Kinsmen, Londonderry, The Meadows, St. FX, Terwillegar, Clareview

Strong (by Zumba)

Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. Strong by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move
Schedule(s): ClareviewCommonwealth, KinsmenTerwillegarThe Meadows

Zumba: Gold

Featuring Latin rhythms, Zumba Gold modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Schedule(s): The Meadows, Terwillegar, Clareview

Drop-In Program Videos

Tabata is an intense interval class designed to increase your fat burning potential.

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