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Anthony Henday Drive

What's New

Traffic Updates for Northeast Anthony Henday Drive

Find out the latest traffic updates including detours and closures for the NE Anthony Henday Drive construction.

About the Project

Alberta Transportation is building the northeast portion of the Anthony Henday Drive ring road to help manage traffic in Edmonton and improve traffic movement throughout the City.

The City of Edmonton is realigning and constructing important arterial connections to accommodate traffic and minimize disruptions during construction of the Anthony Henday Drive ring road.

Project Lifecycle - Build Phase

Edmonton Ring Road - Governement of Alberta Map

Northeast Anthony Henday Connectors

Northeast Anthony Henday Drive

Website dedicated to the construction of the northeast leg of the Anthony Henday Drive. Site information includes:

  • Project details
  • Maps, renderings and a virtual drive video
  • Photo gallery
  • Schedule
  • FAQs


Fall 2011 - Completion of:

  • 167 Avenue landscaping
  • 153 Avenue from Manning Drive to Fort Road
  • 153 Avenue from 34 Street to Fort Road
  • 82 Street from 180 Avenue to the T.U.C.
  • Callingwood Road and Lessard Road east of the T.U.C.

Fall 2012 - Completion of:

  • Lessard Road, west of the T.U.C.
  • 199 Street at 62 Avenue
  • 66 Street from 167 Avenue to TUC
  • 137 Avenue at 170 Street

For More Information

Road Construction

Email roadconstruction@edmonton.ca