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102 Avenue over Groat Road - Bridge Replacement Project

Groat Road Bridge May 2015
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Peak Hour No Parking
Started Tuesday May 19, 2015

6am to 9am and 3:30pm to 6:30pm Monday to Friday

124 St from Stony Plain Rd to 107 Ave

Project Update - July 2015

On March 16, 2015, during the installation of girders on the 102 Avenue Bridge over Groat Road three steel girders buckled.

Preliminary investigation suggest the buckling was the result of the subcontractor responsible for installing the girders misinterpreting the precise bracing requirements between the last four girders. The spacing braces failed upon crane release of the second last girder, resulting in the buckling of three girders.

Graham Group subcontracted the girder installation to a firm involved in this type of work for over 40 years and is considered a leading Canadian subcontractor in this field. The bridge structure for this project required a unique, project-specific procedure in order to lift and place the girders.

The three girders were removed and have been repaired off-site using heat straightening. The repaired girders passed all required quality tests/inspections and were accepted by the engineer of record for reinstallation. The removed girders have been reinstalled and the bridge structure has been approved and deemed safe to resume construction.

All of the documentation on the repair work and ongoing construction has been reviewed not only by the contractor’s engineering team but also the third-party engineers and the City staff overseeing the project. Ongoing construction for the project is now back to being managed by the Engineer of Record and City staff.

A construction acceleration plan has been developed and bridge work continues with extended hours and multiple shifts through this construction season.

The timeline remains consistent with the previous update, with the project scheduled to be complete in 2016.

Traffic Detours

During periodic off-peak closures (evenings and weekends) traffic should continue to detour to Victoria Park Road, 149 Street to Whitemud Drive and 109 Street to the High Level Bridge.

Shared-Use Path

The shared-use path on the west side of Groat Road, from 107 Avenue to Government House Park, is open to the public as of 3pm on April 7. The shared-use path will be subject to the same temporary, off-peak closures that will apply to Groat Road.

Traffic Signal Changes

Traffic Operations will continue to monitor and adjust the signals as necessary.

Roadside Messaging

Roadside messaging has been updated along existing detour routes and has expanded to include 109 Street, Whitemud Drive and Yellowhead Trail.

Closures & Detours

Road Closures and Detours Map

About the Project

The 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge serves as a major east/west corridor into and out of Edmonton's downtown. Constructed in 1910, the bridge has reached the end of its lifespan and will be demolished and replaced with a new bridge to better serve Edmontonians.

The replacement bridge has a clear span of approximately 100 m and will maintain the existing four-lane configuration. It is designed to accommodate two 2.1 m wide bike lanes on the road shoulder and 2.2 m wide sidewalks along the north and south sides. The design of the new bridge considers:

  • Stabilization of both the east and west slopes using soil nails.
  • Maintain the existing four-lane configuration with wider lanes to meet current standards.
  • Concrete deck with asphalt surfacing.
  • Upgrades to the drainage infrastructure.
  • Respect the existing valley and minimize environmental impacts of the project (no piers in the valley).
  • Safety improvements on both 102 Avenue and Groat Road.
  • Accessibility for other modes of transport.
  • Wider sidewalks on both sides of the bridge with enhanced barrier protection providing separation between traffic and pedestrians.
  • Include bike lanes on the bridge and maintain connectivity with bike routes.
  • Vehicle lanes of sufficient width for ETS buses.
  • A public art piece created by Alberta artist Faye Heavyshield.

As well, shoring will be installed on the Wellington Bridge just west of the 102 Avenue over Groat Road Bridge in 2014. This work will allow truck traffic to the work site.

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Project Lifecycle - Build Phase


The bridge will be closed July 1, 2014, with completion anticipated for fall of 2015.

Upgrades to Drainage Infrastructure Spring 2013 - Spring 2014
Construction Spring 2014 - Late Fall 2015

For more information:

Jim Murray

Transportation Services