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Ward 11 - Construction On Your Streets



City View - Open Data Catalogue

Road Construction Projects In Other Wards

Project Status - Complete Project Complete
Project Status - On Track/On Schedule Project On Track/On Schedule
Project Status - Potential Impacts Potential Impacts - Project may have timeline or budget issues
Project Status - Known Impacts Known Impacts - Project has significant timeline or budget issues
Project Status - Pending Status Pending

Construction Types:

(B) Bridge/Tunnel/Culvert Projects
Includes construction related to the renewal, improvement or the adding of new bridges, pedways, tunnels or culverts.

(D) Developer Projects - Proposed
Developer-managed projects related to construction that accommodate access as well as any increased traffic associated with residential or commercial development.

(E) Environmental/Geotechnical
Includes construction related to addressing environmental or geotechnical concerns, such as brownfield sites, erosion and slope instability.

(G) Growth Road Projects
Provides necessary infrastructure to address capacity constraints and access connections for the future. These could include new roads in developing areas, road widening, re-alignment/intersection improvements, or other growth upgrades and enhancements.

(L) Street Lights
Includes construction related to the renewal, improvement or the adding of new roadway light infrastructure.

(M) Active Modes
The new construction or improvement of existing on-street bicycle facilities, sidewalks and multi-use trails throughout the city.

(N) In Your Neighbourhood
Neighbourhood renewal projects which include overlays, reconstruction, and microsurfacing.

(P) Paving
These are roadway pavement renewal locations where roads are repaved.

(R) Rehabilitation
Renewal of existing roadway where roads are repaved or reconstructed. Includes rehabilitation or full replacement of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

(S) Signals
Includes the installation/replacement of full signals, pedestrian/bus actuated signals and crosswalk amber flashers.

(T) Transit/LRT Projects
Includes construction related to the renewal, improvement or the addition of new transit infrastructure such as Transit Centres and LRT.

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Road Construction

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