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Traffic Shortcutting Pilot

Where We Are

The project staff presented a report on this traffic shortcutting pilot to City Council’s Transportation Committee on March 23 who accepted the report with the following motions:

Motion: That the existing speed bumps on 94B Avenue in Ottewell be removed.

Ormsby Place
Motion: That the existing traffic management measures including the signs banning through movements at the intersection be left in place.

Traffic management measures to stay in place with the possibility of further conversations about traffic management to take place in advance of Neighbourhood Renewal in 2018.

Traffic management measures were generally well accepted by residents and are to remain in place.

The report to council is available online for review under items 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3.

Speed Sign

About the Project

Traffic shortcutting is an issue in many communities and residents are expressing concerns about safety and quality of life. City Council has heard these concerns, and in response, has asked the City to explore a streamlined process to address localized and emerging shortcutting and speeding issues.

Four Edmonton communities were chosen to take part in a pilot project based on resident concerns regarding traffic volume and speeding.

Starting in the week of September 28, traffic calming measures were installed in each of the four neighbourhoods.

A report summarizing the public’s feedback, including the feedback gathered during the January and February 2016 public meetings in Ormsby Place, Crestwood, Ottewell and Newton, the before‐and‐after traffic data and internal stakeholder feedback was reported to City Council on March 23, 2016 and will provide the background for the development of a City policy for Community Traffic Management in 2016.

For More Information

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Email communitytrafficmanagementplan@edmonton.ca