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Neighbourhood Blading

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Neighbourhood Blading

Neighbourhood blading happens when snow has accumulated on neighbourhood streets. Blade trucks drive the streets, pushing snow to the sides to create safe winter driving conditions.

  • During snow events, a city-wide neighbourhood blading program will START (including alleys) after the Arterial and Collector road network has been plowed and is considered to be in safe condition.
  • Moving vehicles off the road will help crews clear the roads more efficiently.
  • Neighbourhood roads will be bladed to a 5cm snow pack condition (not down to asphalt), according to City policy.
  • Neighbourhood blading creates windrows of snow that, as a rule, will not be removed from neighbourhoods, according to City policy.
  • If a street is listed as 'Completed' but hasn't been bladed citizens should call 311.
  • Neighbourhood blading is a 24 hour a day operation.
  • Blading will be on the same day of the week for your area all snow season.
  • Blading will only take place on weekdays, not weekends.


A windrow is a pile of snow on the side of a road that was created by plowing or blading.
  • As a rule windrows in neighbourhoods will not removed, according to City policy..
  • Windrows will be removed from school loading zones in neighbourhoods as required.
  • Windrows less than 30cm that block residential driveways are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner; windrows that are more than 30cm will be cleared by the City.
  • Driveway crews will follow after blade trucks have bladed a neighbourhood (may not be on same day).
  • Windrows may create a loss of on-street parking for residents.
  • Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles on their driveways, parking pads, or in garages, if possible.

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For all concerns and questions please call 311. Operators are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   

Telephone In Edmonton : 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
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