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Neighbourhood Blading

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Neighbourhood Blading Snow Days

  • Blading is on the same day of the week all winter in your area.
  • Blading will only happen on weekdays, not weekends.
  • Your snow day will be on the schedule when you use the address lookup tool or interactive map.
  • Crews can be on your street any time during the 24 hours designated.
  • Make sure they have complete and clear access to the roads during your area's snow day.
Neighbourhood Blading Snow Day Map

Neighbourhood Blading

Neighbourhood blading happens when snow has accumulated on neighbourhood streets. Blade trucks drive the streets, pushing snow to the sides to create safe winter driving conditions.

  • During snow events, a city-wide neighbourhood blading program will START (including alleys) after the Arterial and Collector road network has been plowed and is considered to be in safe condition.
  • Moving vehicles off the road will help crews clear the roads more efficiently.
  • Neighbourhood roads will be bladed to a 5cm snow pack condition (not down to asphalt), according to City policy.
  • Neighbourhood blading creates windrows of snow that, as a rule, will not be removed from neighbourhoods, according to City policy.
  • If a street is listed as 'Completed' but hasn't been bladed citizens should call 311.
  • Neighbourhood blading is a 24 hour a day operation.
  • Blading will be on the same day of the week for your area all snow season.
  • Blading will only take place on weekdays, not weekends.


A windrow is a pile of snow on the side of a road that was created by plowing or blading.

  • As a rule windrows in neighbourhoods will not removed, according to City policy.
  • Windrows will be removed from school loading zones in neighbourhoods as required.
  • Windrows less than 30cm that block residential driveways are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner; windrows that are more than 30cm will be cleared by the City.
  • Driveway crews will follow after blade trucks have bladed a neighbourhood (may not be on same day).
  • Windrows may create a loss of on-street parking for residents.
  • Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles on their driveways, parking pads, or in garages, if possible.

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Roadway Maintenance

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For all concerns and questions please call 311. Operators are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   

Telephone In Edmonton : 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
Email transportationoperations@edmonton.ca