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Edmonton Snow Storage Facilities

Environmentally Friendly Snow Removal Practices

The City takes snow removed from roads to one of Edmonton's snow storage facilities. 

  • All Facilities are governed by provincial and federal environmental regulations. 
  • Melt water ponds have liners to protect ground water and soil from contaminants like salt, sand, antifreeze and engine oil.
  • After snow melts in spring, the sand is collected and cleaned to be reused next winter.

Facility Locations

  • Snow storage facilities are open to the public.
  • Trucks must adhere to the Truck Route network.
  • If the facility cannot be reached directly from a Truck Route, take the most direct road off the nearest Truck Route.
Truck Route Snow Sites Map

North Side Snow Storage Facilities

Location Status
184 Street - 107 Avenue (Poundmaker) Closed 
West Side 50 Street and South of Highway 37
25104-50 Street (Horsehills)

South Side Snow Storage Facilities

Location Status
156 Street - Ellerslie Road Closed
17 Street - N/ Whitemud (approx. 52 Avenue) Closed

For more information:

Roadway Maintenance

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Telephone In Edmonton : 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
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