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Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control

Keeping Edmonton streets in safe winter driving condition

The City of Edmonton is committed to providing snow and ice control that will make it possible for commuters, transit users and those moving commercial goods to travel more safely. In any given snow event, Transportation Services has a priority system to keep traffic flowing smoothly:

  • Freeways, arterial roads, business districts and bus lanes 
  • Collector/bus routes, Transit Park & Ride access roads  
  • Local industrial roadways
  • Residential streets and alleys (blading to level snow pack)


Neighbourhood Blading

Neighbourhood Blading


  • During snow events, a city-wide program will start (including alleys) after the Arterial and Collector road network has been plowed and considered to be in safe condition.
  • Neighbourhood roads will be bladed to a 5cm snow pack condition (not down to asphalt).
  • This service level will only involve the blading of snow.

Find Out When
See when your neighbourhood is scheduled for blading.

Roadway Plowing

truck plowing snowSnow plowing begins on the main roads when 3cm of snow has accumulated on the roadway and the weather forecast calls for continued snowfall.

Roadway Sanding

Sander and Saltdome


  • The City sands roads and walkways as required.
  • There are 130 sanding trucks and 20 sidewalk plows that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from October to April.
  • The initial response to a snowfall is to apply abrasive street sand and de-icers, to provide traction.


man shovelling snowThe City clears snow from sidewalks adjacent to city owned land within 48 hours to meet the requirement of Community Standards Bylaw #14600. It is the property owner’s responsibility to do the same at sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Community Sandbox Locations

Report a Problem

Sidewalks, shared-use path and other walkable areas not maintained?

Call 311 to report it. We appreciate your help in reporting problems as you encounter them.

Snow Fencing

Snow fencing prevents blowing snow from becoming a problem on roadways. The City fences snow along certain roads as part of the Winter Road Maintenance program.

Snow Removal

  • Snow is removed from arterial roadways and bus routes when the driving width or parking area restricts safe movement.
  • Snow will be removed from business districts as required.
  • Crews also clear snow from bridge walkways, stairways, bus stops, fire hydrants, curb ramps and crosswalks.

Snow Storage Facilities


A windrow is a pile of snow on the side of a road that was created by plowing or blading.

  • Windrows less than 30cm that block driveways are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner; more than 30cm will be cleared by the City.
  • They won’t be hauled away in residential areas.
  • Crews will follow neighbourhood blading trucks as needed.
  • Windrows will create loss of on-street parking for residents.
  • Residents are encouraged to park their vehicles on their driveways, parking pads, or in garages.

Winter Driving Tips

Drivers are reminded that although roads are plowed and sanded, driving to the current road conditions is their responsibility.

  • Please allow for extra time to arrive at your destination.
  • Leave sufficient room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you for braking.
  • Watch for windrows.
  • Be careful when approaching slow moving plowing equipment.
  • Give wide berth to sanding and plowing equipment.
  • It is dangerous to attempt to pass a sander from the rear.
  • Stay 8 meters behind sanding trucks.

For more information:

Roadway Maintenance

Please Note: Our email is monitored Monday to Friday during business hours.

For all concerns and questions please call 311. Operators are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   

Telephone In Edmonton : 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
Email transportationoperations@edmonton.ca