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Major Roads Plowing Map

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Major Roads Plowing Map

This map is not currently active. It is activated during Major Plowing Events when 10 cm or more of snow has accumulated on Edmonton roads.

About the Map

  • This map data displays the plowing status of main roadways (arterial and collector) during a declared Major Plowing Event.
  • This map is only activated when a Major Plowing Event has been declared.
  • Progress updates will be made at 6 am, 3 pm, and midnight
  • The completed map will remain displayed until the next plowing event at which time the map, date and time will be refreshed
  • Arterial and collector plowing event cycle is 48 hours
  • Two statuses will appear: scheduled and completed

Plowing Events

Plowing starts when 3 cm of snow has accumulated on the main roads and the weather forecast calls for continued snowfall. A Major Plowing Event is called when there is a heavy snowfall accumulation of 10 cm or more that hinders the mobility of the roadway network. This means that all City of Edmonton and contract equipment is being employed to clear main roadways. If snowfall accumulations are too severe for our maintenance forces, contracted equipment will be employed to complement the existing maintenance forces in order to clear the priority roads within 48 hours.

A Major Plowing Event will include a Seasonal Parking Ban on bus routes.

During a Major Plowing Event, if snow continues to fall or significant snowfall accumulates prior to the end of the 48-hour time frame, crews will continue plowing to ensure traffic mobility. The 48-hour time frame for the Plowing Event will be restarted once snow stops falling.

The City's winter snow and ice control equipment works around the clock, seven days a week, sanding streets and doing maintenance plowing throughout the winter. Their presence does not necessarily mean that a Major Plowing Event is in effect. The map will not be updated when crews are doing this regular winter maintenance. It also will not include any information on residential neighbourhood blading.

Major Roads/Priority Roads

  • highway
  • freeway
  • main arterial
  • bus collector routes

Maintenance of Anthony Henday Drive, as well as its on and off-ramps, is the responsibility of Alberta Transportation. For that reason, information about the progress made on Anthony Henday will not be included on the City of Edmonton's plow map.

Communicating Plowing Events

Major Plowing Events will be announced through public service announcements, e-mail notificationedmonton.ca and social media along with the corresponding Seasonal Parking ban. As per the Snow and Ice Control Policy arterial and collector roadways will be plowed within 48 hours at the end of a snowfall.


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Roadway Maintenance

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Telephone In Edmonton : 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
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