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Construction On Your Streets Map

Construction Types:

B - Bridge Construction/ Rehabilitation Bridge construction and rehabilitation includes both major bridge locations as well as culvert replacement.
D - Developer Project When a private developer begins a residential or commercial project they also construct the roadways to accommodate access as well as any increased traffic associated with the future development. These projects are managed directly  by the developer. It is the City of Edmonton’s responsibility to ensure the developers contractors are complying with the approved design standards and construction specifications in terms of quality; however the direct oversight of the project schedule is managed by the developer.
G - Growth Project Projects that provide necessary infrastructure to address capacity constraints and necessary access connections associated with the long-term road network. These could include new roads in developing areas, or widening of existing arterial roads.
L - Street Lights The removal/replacement of streetlights in the city which have reached the end of their life. Some of these projects would relate to the neighbourhood reconstruction where residents have chosen to have decorative street lights installed.
M - Active Modes The construction or improvement of on-street bicycle facilities, sidewalks and multi-use trails throughout the city.
N - In Your Neighbourhood These projects signify neighbourhood improvements which involve overlays, reconstruction, and microsurfacing.
P - Paving These locations are scheduled for paving.
R - Rehabilitation Rehabilitation primarily involves resurfacing of the roadway, and typically includes minor repairs to sidewalk, curb and gutter.
S - Signals Includes the installation/replacement of full signals, pedestrian/bus actuated signals and crosswalk amber flashers.
T - LRT Extension These projects relate to the expansion of the LRT network throughout Edmonton.

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Road Construction

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