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Using the Bus

zooming busETS provides transit service within the City boundaries (plus contracted service to Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton Garrison and Spruce Grove). The bus system uses a fully accessible fleet of buses that service all corners of the City. There are transit centres spread throughout Edmonton linking 180 bus routes to provide Edmontonians with the every day way to their destination.

Waiting for a Bus

Edmonton's streets are dotted with blue and white ETS bus stops. A sign at each stop lists every bus route that services that particular stop, as well as its Bus Stop number. You may want to have a look at a route brochure to better acquaint yourself with the bus stops and routes you'll need to use.

When a bus approaches a stop, read the screen above the windshield to find the route number and destination. A smaller screen also displays this information beside the front doors of the bus.

If you're waiting for your bus in a shelter, step outside in time to be visible to the driver, before it reaches the stop, and wait for the bus to stop completely before you step to the curb. Use your mobility card or bus hailer kit if you need additional assistance.

On the Bus

When you board, put your cash fare in the fare box at your right, or show the driver your pass, and move to the back of the bus. If you have parcels, please set them in your lap, so you're occupying one seat only.

If the bus is crowded, firmly grip either an overhead handrail or a support post, as the bus may move abruptly and catch you off balance. Please make room for persons with restricted mobility, or offer them your seat in the Priority Seating area.

Portable listening devices (such as Walkmans, CD players, iPods, and MP3 players) are allowed on the bus at the driver's discretion. If your music disturbs the driver or another passenger, you will be asked to turn it down or off.

To get off the bus, pull the cord above the windows once to signal the driver. This cord rings a bell to tell the driver that a passenger wants to depart. Please pull the cord as far in advance as possible to give the driver plenty of time to stop. Stop request buttons are also available on poles near the front and back doors, and on the priority seats at the front of the bus. After alerting the driver, gather your belongings to prepare to exit the bus at the next bus stop.

Please wait until the bus has stopped before leaving your seat and proceeding to the doors. Important messages are posted throughout buses. Pay attention to these signs, as they will teach you more about using ETS.

When you're exiting the bus, make sure all packages and garments have cleared the doors before they close. Always beware of icy conditions while boarding and exiting.

If you're looking for more information about the route that you use, feel free to take a route brochure from the panel directly behind the driver. This is also where you'll find the latest edition of In Transit, a monthly ETS newsletter.

Paying your Fare

There are several convenient ways to pay for your bus ride. You can buy a day or month pass, or a book of tickets at over 200 locations around Edmonton. If you're paying cash, please have the correct amount, as drivers do not carry change. Remember to ask the Operator for a transfer if you need to use another bus to get to your destination.

ETS Cold Weather Service

Low temperatures, snow and wind often make for a January commute that’s high on the brrrrrr factor. 

ETS Express buses, except for routes 15 and 100, have been instructed to stop for customers at all bus stops on their routes in extreme weather conditions. At ETS, we define extreme weather conditions as -20 Celsius including windchill.

The decision to stop at all bus stops is made by the ETS Control Centre on an ‘as required’ basis.

Please dress for the weather, as buses are part of the traffic flow and are affected by road and weather conditions too.

For more information:

Contact ETS Customer Service Centre
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/takeETS