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Southeast LRT Project History

About The Project

The Southeast LRT line from Mill Woods to downtown is part of the Transportation Master Plan's vision to expand LRT service to all sectors of the City by 2040.

Benefits of Southeast LRT line:

  • Southeast LRT line will connect to West LRT line
  • Travel between Mill Woods and Downtown in 25 minutes
  • Opportunities for transfers to existing Downtown LRT line
  • Low-floor technology operates at street-level, separate from traffic
Transportation Master Plan

June 1, 2011

City Council Approved Funding for Preliminary Engineering

City Council approved $39 million to proceed to preliminary engineering for the Southeast to West LRT line.

City Council Minutes (Item 6.10)

January 19, 2011

City Council Public Hearing

City Council approved Southeast LRT Concept Plan.

City Council Public Hearing Minutes

Southeast LRT Booklet

Detailed LRT Maps

December 8, 2010

Non Statutory Public Hearing

Southeast, West and Downtown LRT: Presentation to TPW

November 24-25, 2010

Information Sessions

Shared details of Southeast LRT Concept Plan.

Downtown to Argyll Presentation

Whyte Avenue to Mill Woods Presentation

September 2010 Survey Results

September 7-8, 2010

Open Houses

Public presented with Potential LRT alignment, station locations, and an access plan for review and feedback.

Downtown to Argyll Road

Argyll Road to Mill Woods

May 2010

Public Workshops

Southeast LRT Workshops held to get public perspectives on how decisions made will impact people that live, work and visit areas where LRT will be located.

West and Southeast LRT Milestones Report

Downtown to 95 Ave/84 St
May 18, 2010

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Comment Summary

Connors Rd (Cloverdale Hill) to 83 St/Whyte Ave

May 19, 2010

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Comment Summary

83 St/90 Ave (Traffic Circle) to 75 St/ Wagner Rd

May 26, 2010

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Comment Summary

75 St/Wagner Rd to Mill Woods
May 27, 2010

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Comment Summary

October 2009

Southeast LRT Corridor Selection

Southeast LRT Corridor Selection: Complete Report

For more information:

Future LRT General Inquiries

Telephone 780-496-4874
Email LRTprojects@edmonton.ca