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Capital Line (Clareview to Gorman)

Northeast LRT Claireview to City Limits

What's New

Preliminary engineering for an LRT extension north of Clareview station was completed in 2010. The City will move forward to design and construction once funding becomes available.

Clareview to Gorman Preliminary Engineering

About the Project

The current preliminary engineering project ends at a future station in the Gorman area, north of 153 Avenue and east of the CN tracks.

The project includes:

  • A 2.9 km extension north of Clareview station, primarily within the existing CN right-of-way
  • LRT station at Gorman, north of 153 Avenue
  • Multi-use trail from Clareview station to 151 Avenue, with provision for future connections to adjacent park areas
  • Street-level LRT crossings at 144 Avenue and 153 Avenue

The Northeast LRT to Gorman is part of the Transportation Master Plan’s vision to expand LRT service to all sectors of the City by 2040.

Because land use and transportation are closely linked, LRT growth will be guided by the principle of “transit oriented development”. Its goal is to create compact neighbourhoods with a mixture of residential, employment, recreational and business opportunities within convenient walking distance of transit.

Project History

February 3, 2010

City Council Decided on Priority for LRT Lines

City Council decided the Southeast to West LRT lines are the next priority after, or concurrent with, the North LRT to NAIT.

City Council Meeting Minutes February 3, 2012 (Item 5.5)"

November 4, 2009

Public Open House

Northeast LRT - Open House Display Boards

June 19, 2009

City Council Approved the Gorman Community Concept Plan

City Council Meeting Minutes June 19, 2009 (Item P.1)

July 8, 2008

City Council Approved LRT from Clareview to North City Limits

City Council Meeting Minutes July 8, 2008 (Item E.1)

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