North LRT Project Overview

The North LRT to NAIT is a 3.3 km extension from Churchill LRT Station in downtown Edmonton northwest to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). It’s the first segment of a planned LRT expansion to Edmonton city limits near St. Albert.


North LRT to NAIT Overview
105st to Kingsway
106st to NAIT
105st to Churchill

Right-of-Way (Southeast to Northwest)


  • Connects underground to Edmonton’s LRT network at Churchill Station.
  • Follows tunnel beneath 104 Avenue, the new Epcor Tower and 101 Street.
  • Tunnel portal at 105 Avenue/103 Street.

Street Level

Continues west to MacEwan LRT Station at 105 Avenue/104 Street.

  • Curves north to follow middle of 105 Street to 108 Avenue.
  • Curves east to follow 104 Street to Kingsway Avenue.
  • Curves northwest across Kingsway Avenue to Kingsway LRT Station at Kingsway Avenue/105 Street.
  • Curves north to follow east side of 106 Street to Princess Elizabeth Avenue.
  • Curves west across Princess Elizabeth Avenue to Temporary NAIT Station at southwest corner of NAIT campus.


  • New LRT Stations at Grant MacEwan University, Royal Alexandra Hospital and NAIT.
  • Direct underground connection between MacEwan Station and Churchill Station.
  • Street-level LRT between 105th Avenue and NAIT.
  • Overhead pedway above 105th Avenue at MacEwan Station.
  • Relocated Kingsway bus terminal at Royal Alexandra Hospital.
  • New multi-use trail connects all thre new LRT stations.


  • The North LRT extension will add approximately 13,200 weekday riders to Edmonton's LRT network.
  • There is capacity for considerable growth once the line extends to city limits and further into St. Albert.
  • Once the North LRT extends northwest, weekday ridership will increase by approximately 45,000.
  • Riders boarding the North LRT can change trains at Churchill Station and can travel northeast, as far south as Health Sciences Station, or continue farther south on LRT.
  • It will take an estimated nine minutes to travel from Churchill Station to NAIT.
  • Those riding the North LRT will largely consist of:
    • MacEwan University students and staff;
    • NAIT students and staff;
    • Kingsway Mall shoppers and employees;
    • Royal Alexandra Hospital patients, visitors and staff;
    • Surrounding neighbourhoods and businesses.

Where We Are Today

The detailed design of the North LRT to NAIT was completed in January 2011. Building removals for the North LRT are complete as of June 2011. As of June 2011, 80% of utility relocations are complete. Majority of relocations in the Kingsway area and MacEwan area are complete. EPCOR and ATCO are starting utility relocations in the NAIT area in July 2011. The City anticipates all utilities relocations will be done in October 2011. 

The construction management team was selected to North Link Partnership in March 2011. The North Link Partnership is comprised of  SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. and Graham Infrastructure Ltd. North Link Partnership is working hard to meet the construction deadline of December 2013.

Construction of the North LRT to NAIT began in May 2011.  The relocation of traffic lanes several metres to the south along Kingsway between 102 Street and 106 Street to create space for the future Kingsway/Royal Alex LRT Station marked the beginning of North LRT construction. Major construction on 105 Avenue between 101 Street and 105 Street will be starting in July 2011. Contractors are digging up the roadway to build a tunnel portal that will eventually connect the underground portion of the North LRT to the surface where it will run from 105 Ave to NAIT. From 103 Street to 105 Street contractors are installing the foundation and underground utilities for MacEwan Station. The City will continue the building phase until December 2013.

Timeline & Budget

Please see the following approximate construction schedule:
2011 -- Completion of utility relocations. Major roadworks on Kingsway. MacEwan LRT Station foundations and tunneling preparations on 105 Ave. Trackwork begins.
2012 -- Major roadworks on 105 Street. Kingsway/Royal Alex LRT Station, MacEwan LRT Station and NAIT Station construction. Trackwork continues.
2013 -- Trackwork complete. All construction complete by December.
2014 -- Grand opening April 2014.

Total cost for the project is estimated at $755 million, with funding secured from the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada.

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