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LRT Network Plan

Transforming Edmonton's LRT

Transportation Services has reviewed Edmonton’s network-wide LRT expansion plans with goals to:

  • Define the type of LRT system that best meets Edmonton's long-term objectives
  • Identify the number of lines and their ultimate destinations
  • Review system design and technology

Expanding the LRT network is one way the City plans to meet the objectives of the Transportation Master Plan and Municipal Development Plan.

Long Term LRT Network Plan

Building the City Around LRT

LRT Network Plan Map

Project History

Long Term Potential LRT Ridership Map

LRT Network Plan Elements

Public Involvement

June 2009 - City Council approved the LRT Network Plan

The Transportation and Public Works Committee of City Council held a Non-Statutory Public Hearing on the Regional LRT Network Plan.

Non-Statutory Public Hearing

May 2009 - Information Sessions

The City held two open information sessions, where aspects of the LRT Network Plan were shared with the public.

LRT Expansion Plan Presentation

For more information:

Future LRT General Inquiries

Telephone 780-496-4874
Email LRTprojects@edmonton.ca