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Metro Line (North LRT to NAIT)

Metro Line to Open by End of 2014

Although construction on the Metro Line was completed on time, it's taking longer than anticipated for the signalling contractor to design, install and test their new system. 

The line is now anticipated to open by the end of 2014, according to the latest schedule from the project's signalling contractor.

The signalling system is complex and is critical to the safe operation of the LRT-it will control trains and intersections on the Metro Line, and all trains where the Metro Line and Capital Line overlap-so the City of Edmonton can't open the line until it's ready. The City is working diligently with its signalling contractor to minimize the delay.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during construction, and for continuing to bear with us during the delay.

Please see the related FAQ document for further details.

Metro Line

Test Trains are Running

Light rail vehicles are being tested along the Metro Line, from Health Sciences Station to NAIT Station.

The LRT signals, signs, crossing arms and pedestrian warning bells are in place to keep you safe both during testing and once the new line opens to public service. Where possible, trains will run during off-peak periods, but pedestrians and motorists should be on the alert for trains at any time.

Please stay safe and remember:

  • Obey all signs and signals
  • Use designated crossings only
  • Never stop on the tracks



About the Project

Metro Line Map

Project Lifecycle Build Phase

The Metro Line (North LRT to NAIT) is a 3.3 km extension from Churchill LRT Station in downtown Edmonton northwest to NAIT. It’s the first segment of a planned LRT expansion to Edmonton city limits near St. Albert and is part of the Transportation Master Plan’s vision to expand LRT service to all sectors of the City by 2040.

Because land use and transportation are closely linked, LRT growth will be guided by the principle of  transit-oriented development. Its goal is to create compact neighbourhoods with a mixture of residential, employment, recreational, and business opportunities within convenient walking distance of transit.

The construction management team is North Link Partnership.

  • Construction is complete, with the exception of minor close-out work.
  • The Metro Line is expected to open to public service by the end of 2014.


Metro Line Maps


  • New LRT Stations at MacEwan University, Kingsway/Royal Alexandra Hospital, and NAIT.
  • Direct underground connection between MacEwan Station and Churchill Station.
  • Street-level LRT between 105 Ave and NAIT.
  • Overhead pedway above 105 Ave at MacEwan Station.
  • Kingsway bus terminal will be closed once new transit centre opens next to Kingsway/Royal Alex Station.
  • New multi-use trail connecting all new LRT stations.
Metro Line Stations

Ridership Details

  • Expected to add 13,200 weekday riders to Edmonton's LRT network.
  • Capacity for considerable growth once the line extends to city limits and further into St. Albert.
  • Weekday ridership will increase by 45,000 with northwest extension.
  • Interchange for Metro Line at Churchill Station.
  • 9-minute travel time from Churchill Station to NAIT.


Year Milestones
  • Building removals and utility relocations complete.
  • Major roadwork on Kingsway and track work begins.
  • MacEwan LRT Station foundation and tunnelling preparations on 105 Ave.
  • Major roadwork on 105 St. Kingsway/Royal Alex LRT Station and MacEwan LRT Station construction.
  • Track work continues.
  • Track work complete.
  • NAIT LRT Station construction.
  • Construction complete in mid-February.
  • Grand opening expected by end of the year.


Total cost for the project is estimated at $755 million

  • Province of Alberta is funding $497 million
  • Government of Canada is funding $100 million
  • City of Edmonton is funding $158 million

Project History

For more information about past public involvement and City Council decisions:

Metro Line Project History

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