Help Name the LRT Lines

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The City of Edmonton is in the process of naming current and future LRT lines and we want your input. Based on the LRT Network Plan, the lines to be named include:

  • Northeast Edmonton to Heritage Valley
  • St. Albert to Health Sciences
  • Lewis Farms to Sherwood Park
  • Sherwood Park to Ellerslie
  • Lewis Farms to Ellerslie 

Why Name the Lines?

Naming the LRT lines benefits not only commuters, but the community as a whole:

  • The LRT expansion will eventually result in multiple lines. It is important that commuters are able to navigate the system intuitively, safely and conveniently. Having a means to differentiate between these lines is critical.
  • A public transit system frequently plays a central role in shaping the image and reputation of a city. This is a great opportunity to help shape how we want Edmonton to be identified, both on a local and national/global scale. 

We have narrowed the topics for naming down to three using specific criteria related to branding, sustainability, scalability and usability. These criteria will guide your naming suggestions for each line. In the end, only one topic or concept will be chosen, along with the top five names associated with that concept.

Suggestions will be consolidated, shortlisted, and evaluated by market research, then narrowed down to the top five.

Take a few minutes to review and complete the survey. You will also have a chance to win an iPad!

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