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Wayfinding Project

Where We Are Today

Project Lifecycle Design

  • Final Reviews of Edmonton Design Standard for Wayfinding in progress
  • Confirming Design Elements: Network Diagrams, Product Design, Mapping, Place Naming, Route Hierarchy, Colour, Icons, Typeface

The street-level map based signage will be implemented in the busiest areas of the City to help people locate where they are and how to get to their destination. Signs will begin to go up in the downtown core in the fall of 2016.

What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding refers to the tools and techniques people use to orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. This includes maps, signs, web applications and other intuitive tools that help residents and visitors navigate public and private realms they are not familiar with. The term wayfinding is often used inter-changeably with signage, but the term wayfinding is much broader, and includes the design of buildings and spaces.

Walk Edmonton is working on the development of a comprehensive wayfinding system of maps, digital applications and signs for central areas of the city to support people who travel on foot, by bicycle or by transit. This pedestrian-focused, map-based system recognizes the importance of walking as the linking mode for all other transportation and its critical role in city life and business.

Wayfinding Locations

The current focus areas for pedestrian wayfinding include Central Edmonton, Old Strathcona, Stony Plain Road as well as local area maps for LRT stations and transit centres. It will also include central Edmonton connections to the River Valley Parks system.

Project History


Current work includes:

  • Creating the Edmonton Design Standard for Wayfinding
  • Developing detailed corridor plans for wayfinding signage in primary pedestrian areas
  • Designing interim signs for areas of the downtown core impacted by construction
  • Creating the concept plan for signage and mapping of the Pedway Network
  • Open House held May 4, 2016 to share close to final designs


A business case and detailed strategy for a unified corporate wayfinding system was developed and approved to move forward by City Council.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - October 28, 2014 (Item 6.3)

Business Case Aug 2014

Detailed Strategy Aug 2014

The Wayfinding Surveys Summary Report - May 2014 is a summary of what we heard from the surveys


Corporate Approach to Wayfinding – an audit of existing conditions and an overall recommended approach

For More Information

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Fax 780-495-0330
Email walkedmonton@edmonton.ca