Parked - Car Free Day

Shifting your Travel Habits . . . a long road forward but worth the effort.

The Way We Move is a framework to guide the City on how to address Edmonton’s future transportation needs. Key to the plan is how the City can grow and develop a future transportation system that facilitates the use of public transportation, cycling, walking, and carpooling.

Our Strategy

To education, build awareness, and inform Edmontonians about how to make those first small steps toward more sustainable modes of transportation when the opportunity exists - pain free.

Parked Car Free Day

This was a fantastic event to engage Edmontonians about their thoughts on sustainable transportation, the challenges, and support for the Transportation Master plan.

Parked Car Free Day was a fun, interactive, awareness building street event held on 106th Street (on the newly installed shared use lane) between 82 (Whyte) Avenue and 83rd Avenue.

We were pleased to received the two thumbs up from many Edmontonians at the event who gave kudos for the City’s efforts to make Edmonton’s transportation system one that is first class and is built on the notion of making sustainable transportation choices the desirable and easier choice in the future.

Pictures of the Event


  • Learning about The Way We Move via spinning the wheel of motion for prizes,
  • bike maintenance and tune up clinics,
  • gait analysis,
  • making your own smoothies by pedaling a bike,
  • riding on the Big Bike for heart health


People learned about the City’s newly installed bike lanes on the south side of town and looked forward to more bike infrastructure in future years.

They also learned:

  • Driver and cyclist safety,
  • sharing the road,
  • LRT,
  • intermodal travel (using more than one method of sustainable transportation for a single trip),
  • and how to place a bike onto an ETS bike rack.

Thanks to all who came out to support and participate in Parked Car Free Day. Look for more events like this in the future as we continue to educate, build awareness, and support you in taking those small steps toward sustainable ways of traveling.

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