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83 Avenue (Strathcona) Bike Route

What's New

Open House - May 4, 2016

The City of Edmonton held an open house in May to share the final design plan for the 83 Avenue Bike Route and to present construction staging details.

Meeting Materials

Display Boards

Fact Sheet 

About The Project

The City is planning two major bike routes in the central part of Edmonton. The Strathcona Route will connect the communities of Strathcona, Garneau and the University area, between Mill Creek Ravine and 111 Street. It will connect with destinations that include:

  • University of Alberta
  • Faculté Saint-Jean
  • Mill Creek Ravine
  • Old Strathcona Farmers' Market
  • Shopping areas, attractions and festivals

112 Street was originally part of the concept plan. However, the route has been modified to better tie into the existing cycling facilities on 110 Street and 111 Street, to access the University and neighbourhoods to the north and south.

These routes will be high-quality facilities that will make cycling more comfortable for all types of cyclists, from novice riders and families to experienced commuters. They have been identified as major bike routes because they: have high numbers of existing bike trips, serve major destinations, and there are frequent requests for bicycle routes in the area.

83 Avenue is the top ranked location of the future Strathcona Bike Route. It was ranked higher than options on 81, 84, and Whyte Avenues according to technical analysis and feedback gathered from residents during the June public workshops.

Map of Strathcona Route

Project History

83 Avenue Bike Route (Strathcona) Public Workshop

June 3, 2015

The City held a public workshop to present the recommended concept plan for the 83 Avenue bike route and to discuss landscaping options.

Display Boards

Fact Sheet

Map - 83 Avenue from 96 Street to 104 Street

Map - 83 Avenue from 105 Street to 112 Street


Single Concept Plan for 83 Avenue Bike Route

April 23, 2015 - Public Workshop

The City held a workshop to share plans for the Strathcona Bike Route.

Fact Sheet

Maps - 83 Avenue Cross Sections

Maps - Tree and Drop Off Zones


Route Type Evaluation Report

Determining Type of Bike Route

November 27, 2014 & January 8, 2015 Meeting

The City invited Edmontonians to participate in two workshops to determine the type of bike lane to be installed on the route.

City staff provided an update on the project, presented two design options and covered how input from the previous session and our online forum was incorporated in the designs.

Fact Sheet

Maps - 83 Avenue Cross Sections

Map - 83 Avenue from 112 Street to 105 Street

Map - 83 Avenue from 104 Street to 95A Street


Route Location Evaluation Report

City Council Discussed New Public Engagement Approach and Direction on Routes

June 5, 2014

City Council approved the enhanced public engagement approach and gave direction on major bike routes, neighbourhood bike routes in conjunction with neighbourhood renewal/revitalization, shared-use paths, and safety improvements. The focus is on the east-west routes connecting Strathcona, Garneau, and University and Downtown, Oliver, and Glenora.

Transportation Committee Minutes June 5, 2014 (Item 6.1)

Stakeholder Interviews and City-Wide Online Workshop

May and June 2014

The planning team began to interview stakeholder groups representing city-wide and local areas to get input on evaluation criteria and feedback on potential bike route locations. The same questions and information were the subject of a major city-wide workshop.

83 Avenue Bike Route Evaluation Criteria

Engage Edmonton Online Input

Fact Sheet

Map - 83 Avenue Route Option

Engaging Edmonton

Thank you to everyone who participated in the online discussions. You can review the conversations on Engage Edmonton. The feedback has been reviewed and used to help with the development of the future bike routes.

The City changed the way we engaged citizens in bike route decisions. Citizens have more say in how and where to build bike routes. It's easier for people to attend events or participate online, and we looked for input earlier in our decision-making process.

Public Involvement Process

City-wide and local needs were considered to make sure planning fits within the local area and maintains the integrity of a connected city-wide route.

Potential and current user groups, interest groups, impacted residents, stakeholder groups, and local businesses were invited to provide input. Stakeholder groups include community leagues, recreational groups, and institutions such as religious assemblies.

Input is used to help select a bike route location, find the best fit within the chosen route, and help decide what it should look like.

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