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Bike Box - Get Behind It

The bike box makes intersections better for everyone. It allows cyclists to pull in front of waiting traffic at a signalized intersection. It is intended to make cyclists more visible and to give cyclists a head start when turning. When used correctly, bike boxes significantly reduce the number of collisions between right-turning motorists and cyclists travelling straight through the intersection. They also improve safety for pedestrians.

The City installed two bike boxes at the intersection of 106 Street and 40 Avenue, adding to the one built in 2012 at the corner of 116 Street and 87 Avenue. More bike boxes are planned for the future.

Bike Box - 3 Way Intersection

Bike Box - 4 Way Intersection

How to Use It

1. If the Light is Green

Bike Box Step 1Cyclists and motorists proceed as normal. Cyclists making a left turn should move into the left turn lane. Cyclists making a right turn should proceed from the right side of the bike box.

2. If the Light is Amber or Red

Bike Box step 2Motorists: Stop at the stop line behind the green bike box

Cyclists: Enter the bike box and position yourself according to the direction you will be travelling. For example, if you're turning left, get on the left side of the bike box.

Neither motorists nor cyclists can turn right at the red lights.

3. When the Light Turns Green

Bike box step 3Cyclists proceed through the intersection first, followed by drivers. Cyclists and drivers turning right or left should signal and watch for each other.

For More Information

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